I know at times the weight
of the challenges
before you
my dear
sweet muse
feel monumental
and daunting
the task
to slow the progression
of your relentless foe
when the fight
in your spirit
’cause you are fatigued
and in need of rest
such a lingering condition
as this
would even bring
the mightiest of warriors
to their knees
without question
and in my eyes
I have seen no other
as brave and strong as you
your efforts
through the years
even as a mother
to sustain
you and yours
have been nothing
short of heroic
I have this unconquerable
in your dauntless
resolution to overcome
and some day I pray
my images and words
of our experiences
serve as
a monument
built to honor
what you have meant
to me
your son and others   ~

~   these were the thoughts
going through my mind
that day as you and I
climbed the hill
to the Wright Brothers
National Memorial
Monument Tower
and the conformation
in granite
I received about you
and your conquest   ~
~   the words inscribed
in the base
of the structure
and radiated to the world
through the design of its
6 relief panels and its beacon
as with Wilbur and Orville
you will achieve and overcome
by your “dauntless resolution
and unconquerable faith.”

I truly am a believer in you
my dear sweet muse…..

Image & Words by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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