snapshot in time


This story poem is dedicated to my muse RLF and her mother Ginny.

the convenience
modern technology
gives …..
a simple act
the touch of a finger
on the screen
of a Smartphone camera
allows for
a measure of
spontaneity and ease
to the instantaneously
creative act  …..
…..    handily
and readily
a snapshot
can be taken
quickly preserving
a moment in time
as when
this artist
took a snapshot
of his muse and hero
~    while she was taking
a snapshot
of this place
with a canal lock
a part of the American fight
and EQUALITY for all
ideals penned by Jefferson
in that document
called the Declaration
of Independence    ~
an area of water …..
…..   running through
solemn ground
where the first
Revolutionary War
land battle
on Virginia soil
at Great Bridge
along the Albemarle
and Chesapeake Canal
did occur
when it comes
to the ideals
in America
as it all worked out
in the annuls of time
this canal
dug with
the modern technology
of that era
nine steam dredges
on floating platforms
since its construction
has overshadowed
in usefulness
an earlier constructed
yet interconnected
by way of
the Elizabeth River
the Dismal Swamp Canal
that was dug by
human slaves
not afforded
to partake of the ideals
~    that canal too has a lock
in Deep Creek
where this artist’s
muse and hero
RLF and her
mother’s side
of the family are from ……
……    in this artist’s eyes
as far as a snapshot in time
~    preserving remembrance
the Dismal Swamp Canal
was far more useful
in the American fight
and EQUALITY for all
than the other
‘cause it was used as part
of the Underground Railroad
and the dismal swamp
it runs through
was a sanctuary
for runaway slaves
who sought

peace out

Image & Words  by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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living self portrait

This epic poem is dedicated to my departed comrade and most influential poetry mentor on my style of words, Dino (Constantine Pantazonis).  Dino was the first to ask why I used the tilde  ~  and then thereafter encouraged me to do so even the use of it with my writing name ( ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ ).  Dino your living self portrait through poetic word and imagery will always be vivid in my mind.  Peace out !

I’m this living self portrait
not painted to be hung on
some wall
imprisoned as a piece
of exhibited art
on display
as a corpse ……    rotting alive
in a tomb of days gone by
I’m the Mona Lisa reborn
again and again
as she was
through the ingenious eye
of da Vinci
never am I finished
while the spirit of life
flows the breath of oxygen
~    intelligently
about a receptive mind
perceptively guiding the hand
embodied with the gift of empathy
boldly stroking
every facet of color
as this unique blend of creativity
intermingled with
word and imagery ……   etching out
the total human experience
with its pay your dues
character lines
the mark of a spiritual existence
not only on the face
but tattooed
on every inch of the body
like the use of the tilde   ~
and the dotted line …..
in a newly written
epic poem  ~   giving honor
to a poetry mentor
named Dino
despite the norm
all to enhance the expression
of a mystically
artistic soul
as this living self portrait

peace out

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

This epic poem will be a part of the April edition that’s a collaboration by the 2015 Poetry Posse  – The Year of the Poet II published by Inner Child Press.  Buy your monthly copy Here:

stand up and be heard

stand up and be heard
or just sit down
and wilt away
like the flower
’cause the vase went dry
of water……
the silence of winter
sets in
sounds of life
are muted
by the weight
of fresh snow
as the last petal
falls without resistance
to the floor  ~
~ stand up and be heard
speak of resolution
and reveal the way to peace
then like
the flight of a dove
across the majestic sky
on the morning
that gives birth to spring
an uplifting sense
of enlightenment ~
and new growth
will be experienced
through the spirit of
empowerment   ~
enbetterment  ~
the loving
and eternal intent
that’s rooted deeply
within the nobility
of well-spoken
meaningfull  ~  words

stand up and be heard

peace out

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

This poem will be a part of the April edition that’s a collaboration by the 2015 Poetry Posse  – The Year of the Poet II published by Inner Child Press.  Buy your monthly copy Here:

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