Creative Style

As a Mystic Philosopher, Keith’s most utilized style of creative expression is rooted in a spiritually philosophical blend of poetry and prose, often visually flavored with photographic imagery. As a Spiritual Warrior Activist, these words and images are often used to communicate his spiritually philosophical opinions and insights to the world.

The sometimes not so uniform, sort of unconventional structure and variable flow of Keith’s written words as they spill, veer or seemingly reverse course before continuing down the page are designed to stir the perceptual and conceptual juices of the reader. He also embeds these written expressions with varying degrees of empathy, satire, jest and at times the contrary perspective. This process then transforms Keith’s creative forms of expression into the proactive energy of Non-Violent Direct Action. A positive and pro-human form of SOCIAL COGNITIVE interaction with the activist intent to arouse consciously, a reflective and mirroring effect in how others may perceptualize and conceptualize aspects of the human lived experience.

Keith’s creative style further attempts to illustrate the STRUGGLE through EFFORT that’s integral to emerge the creative process, especially regarding NOVELTY – the birth of fresh or new ideas. Specifically ideas that are real, applicable and timely solutions to resolving societal issues and how the creation of these ideas don’t come about easily. Socially embedded and inhibitive behaviors, along with suppressed predispositions, inhibitions, and stereotypes are contributing factors that impede this creative process. Ideas as novel solutions for HUMAN-KIND, only come forth (EUREKA) – after much STRUGGLE through EFFORT in HUMAN conscious thought and continuous SOCIAL COGNITIVE interaction.

Keith in the past has used Performance Art as a metaphor to illustrate and mirror back the amount of STRUGGLE through EFFORT that it TAKES to find solutions for resolving societal issues. He is also an advocate as a SPRITUAL WARRIOR ACTIVIST for using OPEN DIALOGUE as the primary communication method to help resolve societal issues.

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