Spiritual & Artistic Style

Performance Art @ Virginia Marathon

As a Mystic, Keith’s chosen style of artistic expression is rooted in a spiritually philosophical blend of poetry and prose, often visually flavored with photographic imagery. As a Peace Out Social Activist, these words and images are often used to communicate his spiritually philosophical opinions and insights to the world. He embeds these creative manifestations with varying degrees of empathy, satire, jest and at times the contrary perspective.  This process then transforms Keith’s art into the proactive energy of Non-Violent Direct Action. A positive and pro-human form of social interaction with the activist intent to arouse consciously, a reflective and mirroring effect in others about the human lived experience. His spiritual and artistic style attempts to illustrate that the creative process of novelty in regard to finding fresh ideas applicable and timely to resolving societal ills – ain’t so easy. Intelligently perceptive ideas as novel solutions for HUMAN-KIND, only come forth (EUREKA) after much struggle through effort in HUMAN conscious thought during lived experience.

Book Released @ Virginia Marathon

At times, Keith has used performance art as a creative form of Non-Violent Direct Action to socially interact with fellow humans.  He often created a body metaphor (dark clothes with a hood to symbolize “the darkness – suppressed behavior” and his face to symbolize “the light – the emergence of suppressed behavior”) while participating in open discussions, artistic, charitable and athletic events. 

Open Dialogue

This style of artistic metaphor attempted to illustrate how an OPEN process of DIALOGUE works as a method of communication between humans and as a means to help resolve underlying societal issues.  How this process of social interaction in its more conducive manner, can bring forth out of the darkness into the light, any suppressed predispositions, inhibitions, and stereotypes. A form of human engagement brought forth in a positive atmosphere to encourage open discussion in a way that’s less obstructed by dogmatism, cynicism, criticism or judgement.  A freely communicative, unrepressed environment where socially embedded and inhibitive behaviors that work against finding any cures for societal ills, can be confronted – aired out and finally resolved through a process of OPEN DIALOGUE.

Book Released @ Hydrocephalic Walk with Son

Unfortunately, health issues have prevented Keith from fully utilizing this type of performance art as a Peace Out Social Activist.

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