This is my MYSTIC PHILOSOPHY (MP) way of OUTLOOK, as TOLD from the INDIVIDUAL (l) as ME, ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ (~KAH~).

In general, my HUMAN CONSCIOUS LIVED EXPERIENCE (HCLE), appears to the INDIVIDUAL (I) as ME, as far as its origination, orientation and potential COGNITIVE intelligent progression to be GENETICALLY RESTRICTED and INHERENTLY INHIBITED in its SYSTEMIC type of process. This SELF-realization of my (HCLE) type of limitations – appears more than just an INHERENT FELT-sense (IF-s), but also a COGNITIVE one that the (I) as ME – seems to have more fully HUMANLY DISCERNED overtime. Apparently my CONSCIOUS DISCERNMENT process under these constraints, seems to be INTELLIGENTLY PROGRESSIVE. However, only being so after much STRUGGLE through EFFORT COGNITIVELY, while the (I) as ME experiences more fully CONSCIOUS BEINGNESS.

It appears the (I) as ME – seems to have HUMANLY DISCERNED the following in spite of the constraints imposed on my CONSCIOUS BEINGNESS. The ME as my-SELF (Mam-S), seems to have BODILY come into BEING through a HUMAN kind of reproductive process. A reproductive process that appears to have BIRTHED the (I) as ME by way of this PREDETERMINED and PRECONDITIONED, INFO-ENERGY/MATTER – LIVING SYSTEM type of BODILY STRICTURE. This GENETICALLY ORDAINED, HUMAN kind of BODILY STRICTURE, seems to have materialized under the systemic guidance of a COOPERATIVELY BEHAVIORAL, INFO-ENERGY FIELD type of TEMPLATE.

SO to the (I) as ME, the (Mam-S) – appears BODILY to be this RESTRICTED and INHIBITED – ORDERLY RECURRENT PATTERN of INFO-ENERGY/MATTER – LIVING SYSTEM type of process in NATURE.

Although – this LIVING SYSTEM type of process in NATURE, apparently has brought forth my BODILY STRICTURE, the (I) as ME, seems but just one among many different KINDS of INDIVIDUAL BODILY STRICTURE. My specific type of BODILY STRICTURE to the (I) as ME, appears to have its OWN particular type of CONSCIOUS BEINGNESS – as this HUMAN CONSCIOUS BEING (HCB). The (Mam-S), this (HCB), appears to the (I) as ME to have an INHERENT FELT-sense (IF-s) of the SPIRITUAL, INTUITIVE and EMOTIVE. My (IF-s) to a decree, seems due to an INBORN ANCESTRAL PREDISPOSITION (IAP). This (IF-s) appears HUMAN CONSCIOUSLY coupled with a COGNITIVE – LEARN to KNOW (LtK) type of systemic process. A (LtK) type of SYSTEMIC process that seems INTELLIGENTLY PROGRESSIVE – yet – RESTRICTED and INHIBITED during my (HCLE).

My (HCLE) to the (I) as ME, seems also to have this INNATE SURVIVAL DRIVEN PURPOSE (ISDP). A FUTURE looking (ISDP) for continuing my OWN particular INDIVIDUAL (I) type (HCB) way of LIFE in NATURE. This (ISDP) appears to spirit the (I) as ME to have this YEARNING for a (HCB) way of LIFE that’s less RESTRICTED and INHIBITED (BODILY, INHERENTLY, and COGNITIVELY). As well the (I) as ME, seems to have this WANTING to be WHO more freely CHOOSES HOW to become (Mam-S). Not only as far as my INDIVIDUALITY – but more FREELY having the opportunity to experience fully FREEDOM, LIBERTY, CHOICE and CREATIVITY.

It appears to the (I) as ME that this (ISDP) and the YEARNING and WANTING INHERENT to it, has to a decree, influenced my (MP) way of OUTLOOK. Seemingly overtime – this type of influence, along with the COGNITIVE, appears to have moved my (MP) way of OUTLOOK beyond just a focus on my (HCLE) in the present.


“After words, apparently the INDIVIDUAL (I) as ME, shall enfold back into the shadows of the WHOLE, after a brief unfold of CONSCIOUS BEINGNESS, seemingly intent on revealing my INDIVIDUAL (I) portion to be known in the scheme and breath of NATURE as a WHOLE SYSTEM.”

Mystically Philosophical Sayings by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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