Mystic Philosophy

Mystic Philosopher

Keith’s MYSTIC PHILOSOPHY, his evolving perceptual felt sense of it, seems this NATURALLY INHERENT and emergent process of a COGNITIVELY SPIRITUAL LIVE to LEARN experience in HUMAN consciousness. His spiritually philosophical path to ENLIGHTENMENT has underwent the transitional and transformational cognitive process of INTELLIGENT PROGRESSION. Overtime, after much struggle through effort in this COGNITIVELY SPIRITUAL LIVE to LEARN experience, Keith’s NATURE-IQ – what he has come to know, as it pertains to NATURE’S systemic inter workings as a WHOLE SYSTEM has evolved. This evolving NATURE-IQ has transitioned Keith’s MYSTIC PHILOSOPHY beyond a seemingly natural HUMANITARIAN concerned focus for HUMAN BEINGS. It has as well transitioned him beyond a EARTH-ITARIAN (earth centric/mother earth WAY of view) type dependency for HUMAN SURVIVAL. This evolved NATURE-IQ has transformed Keith’s perception, thought and perspective toward multi-dimensionally conceptualizing a more systemically¬†NATURE-ITARIAN¬† – HUMAN WAY of VIEW with a concerned focus.

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