Mystic Philosophy

Mystic Philosopher & Holistic Systems Muser

The emergent process of a lived experience in HUMAN consciousness has adaptively transitioned Keith’s MYSTIC PHILOSOPHY beyond a more naturally inherent humanitarian focus and concern for the HUMAN-KIND on a planetary sub-system of NATURE called earth. This spiritually philosophical process of enlightenment has transformed Keith in perception, thought and perspective toward multi-dimensionally conceptualizing a more holistically and systemically NATURE-ITARIAN focus and concern (positive or negative realization) for ALL of NATURE’S KINDs (living and non-living aspects) and NATURE’S recurrent patterns of process.

As a MYSTIC PHILOSOPHER, Keith defines SPIRITUALITY (being spiritual) as INHERENTLY NATURAL and as this emergent process of a HUMAN lived experience of consciousness. The HUMAN felt sense that comes forth while cognitively interacting with other living and non-living aspects (individual and collective entities or kinds) while living on earth as a part of a WHOLE SYSTEM or TOTALITY called NATURE. Spirituality emerges as a holistically and systemically COGNITIVE realization through the adaptive and cooperative interactions of interconnection, interrelationship and interdependence with all else in a reality of HUMAN consciousness. This INHERENTLY NATURAL lived consciousness of being spiritual embeds enlightenment that adaptively transitions and transforms into a spirit of purpose and concern (positive or negative realization) for fellow HUMAN BEINGS and other aspects of NATURE.

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