Spiritual Mysticism

Mystic Philosopher & Holistic Systems Muser

The emergent process of a lived experience in HUMAN consciousness has philosophically transitioned Keith’s SPIRITUAL MYSTICISM beyond a more naturally inherent humanitarian focus and concern for the HUMAN-KIND. This philosophically spiritual process has transformed Keith multi-dimensionally in perception and perspective toward encompassing a more holistic and systemic NATURE-ITARIAN focus and concern for ALL of Nature’s KINDs (living and non-living aspects).

As a MYSTIC PHILOSOPHER, Keith defines SPIRITUALITY (being spiritual) as an emergent process of HUMAN lived experience. The HUMAN felt sense that comes forth while cognitively interacting with other living and non-living aspects (individual and collective entities) and these interactions between aspects, are what resultantly bring forth and sustain a TOTALITY called NATURE. Spirituality emerges as as systemic and holistic HUMAN realization of interconnection, interrelationship and interdependence with all else in a reality of HUMAN consciousness. This lived consciousness of being spiritual embeds enlightenment that transitions and transforms into a spirit of purpose and concern for fellow HUMAN BEINGS and other aspects of Nature.

Keith’s spiritual concept of NATURE is holistically organized in a SYSTEMS thinking type context. This takes into consideration the inherit influence boldly stricture has on a HUMAN lived experience of COGNITION. Specifically the impediment the HUMAN body physically imposes on perceptual orientation, as a contributory factor in the way perspective is shaped into what’s known about a HUMAN lived reality. He defines NATURE as a TOTALITY – a reflective conscious and spiritual felt sense of NATURE being the embodiment of ORDERLY PROCESS (recurrent patterns) as manifested in a WHOLE SYSTEM. NATURE becomes a spiritual realization during HUMAN consciousness about a systemic process emerging into a dynamically complex WHOLE. At any given instance in time, Nature appears to HUMANS as the TOTALITY of what’s perceived, not fully perceived or not yet perceived – coupled cognitively with a SPIRITUAL felt sense of existence. The HUMAN oriented, PERCEPTUAL manifestation of aspects, living and non-living and the resultant interactivity between them – or what appears to be in a HUMAN lived reality – the embodiment of NATURE.

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