snapshot in time


This story poem is dedicated to my muse RLF and her mother Ginny.

the convenience
modern technology
gives …..
a simple act
the touch of a finger
on the screen
of a Smartphone camera
allows for
a measure of
spontaneity and ease
to the instantaneously
creative act  …..
…..    handily
and readily
a snapshot
can be taken
quickly preserving
a moment in time
as when
this artist
took a snapshot
of his muse and hero
~    while she was taking
a snapshot
of this place
with a canal lock
a part of the American fight
and EQUALITY for all
ideals penned by Jefferson
in that document
called the Declaration
of Independence    ~
an area of water …..
…..   running through
solemn ground
where the first
Revolutionary War
land battle
on Virginia soil
at Great Bridge
along the Albemarle
and Chesapeake Canal
did occur
when it comes
to the ideals
in America
as it all worked out
in the annuls of time
this canal
dug with
the modern technology
of that era
nine steam dredges
on floating platforms
since its construction
has overshadowed
in usefulness
an earlier constructed
yet interconnected
by way of
the Elizabeth River
the Dismal Swamp Canal
that was dug by
human slaves
not afforded
to partake of the ideals
~    that canal too has a lock
in Deep Creek
where this artist’s
muse and hero
RLF and her
mother’s side
of the family are from ……
……    in this artist’s eyes
as far as a snapshot in time
~    preserving remembrance
the Dismal Swamp Canal
was far more useful
in the American fight
and EQUALITY for all
than the other
‘cause it was used as part
of the Underground Railroad
and the dismal swamp
it runs through
was a sanctuary
for runaway slaves
who sought

peace out

Image & Words  by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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Our time

as I walk alone this time
about the historic
Shockhoe Bottom area
right near the 17th Street
Farmers’ Market
the big clock just ahead
on the Main Street Station
sparked in my head
the memory of
Our time
the Time
when you took the time
to meet me
for the day in Richmond
yes   ~   so I could fully
immerse myself
in the spirit
of Poe
at his museum
see   ~   I’m this artist
with imagery
used in a way
to tell the tale  …..
…..    the story
of an experience
captured in time
by a photo
taken with
a Smartphone camera
to be further
with the dance
of poetic words   ~
~    little did I know then
back in that time
how much more
this kind of process
which preserves
moments in time
would become
especially with you
after I found out
you had been
diagnosed with MS   ~
~    how these images
with words
have been inspired
by your struggle
and would
later become useful
in fulfilling art’s
greatest calling
to serve the greater good
provide inspiration
where something
is changed for the better
a story to be told
and then shared
throughout the streets
as here in Richmond
until life’s ills
like MS
are no more
and its place in time
will be forgotten …..
…. but not   ~   Our time
my dear sweet muse

Image & Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

beaming with hope

it’s as if I’ve traveled
the shoals off New England
all the way to Virginia
back and forth
tossed and turned
many   ~   many times
where boldly
I’ve withstood
the wind and rain
of storms
on the ominous sea
frothed with a riptide
agitated for destruction
not so different
than that floating
now retired
in Portsmouth   ~
~    I’m on
this voyage of light
if not in body
to physically console
surely within mind ….
…..    I’ve thought
and brought forth
images with words
filled with positive
and nurturing energy
that are beaming with hope
like the light boat of old
to guide and inspire
my muse
as she has me
while courageously sailing
the life draining
waters of
the never-ending
chronic pain
of Fibromyalgia

Image & Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~