on this heavenly canvas

I know …   just another
captured by that wannabe
photographer guy
on his morning run
with his Smartphone camera
later to be brought
more to light
as revealed
through his poetic words   ~
~    but it ain’t what I saw
as much as
what I felt
that intuitively ignited
my attention
from the melodic beat
of my feet …..   flopping about
on the hard and unreceptive
paved street ……
…..   I suddenly felt part of
my surroundings
as sun filtered through sky
lighting edges
and creating shadows
on the black bottom clouds
along with those
shale looking
hues of color   ~   yet
it was the human touch
in the form of a jet stream
as if stroked defiantly
by the artist’s brush
on this heavenly canvas
spiritually emerging
this mental imprint
of enlightenment
not just in my head
my entire being
the self-actualization of
our human individuality
still intrinsically
to the workings
of all else in Nature
and that
is what makes capturing
this image of a morning sunrise
with my Smartphone camera
so   ~   so different
than all the rest
at least
in this instance
for me
anyhow …..

peace out   ~

Image and Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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