the full range of Jennifer Nettles voice …..

there are days …..
I feel like an extraterrestrial
that dwells in a human body
one made of
flesh and bone ~
I empathically feel
at times
the pain
of the world
~ its struggle to survive
~ its ups and downs
whatever the form
life may manifest itself
’cause of this ……
I feel the throes of
my not more than average
and spiritual being ~
this is a burden
I feel
I must carry
to experience
and come to know life
the way I have
the way I do
life to its fullest extent ~
I feel
all of it
kinda like a Heyoka
~ experiencing
the full range
of Jennifer Nettles
voice …….
when she’s signing
the song

peace out ~

Dedicated to fellow Mystic – Geraldine Algeri

Words by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~