indeterminability of FSHD-1

2016 Richmond VA Mararthon
The toll of FSHD on my arms and shoulder area is noticeable as I cross the finish line. 2023, I can only walk short distances with a cane.

not unlike
the indeterminability
of when one’s death
may occur
no assurance
can be
for FSHD-1
as far as a cure
nor can the gods
of medicine and science
give advisement
to those afflicted
how quickly
the body’s muscles
will waste away
as well as
the seemingly
not noticeable
~ chipping away
at the mobilty ~
strength ~ energy ~
and psyche
of its victims
~ yet
devilishly making
them aware of
the work at hand
with chronic pain
and fatigue
as a constant reminder

peace out ~

Words by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~