look at me

look at me
my outward contour
the physical me
how I move my body
how I speak my words
how I try hopelessly
to sit quietly, alone
yet mumbling to myself
or how I try in vain
to stand upright
and still
while I practice the art
revealing my unique
style of relinquishing
to the subduing hands
of social conformity
right before I say
the hell with this
damn it all,
I’m fuckin’
out of here    ~
peer then into my eyes
for one little moment
through the window
noticing my mind
me thinking
spinning like a top
as if some blender
programmed forever
just to churn away
on and on
seemingly resistant to
side stepping
along the way
apparently in avoidance
to that unidentifiable
insipidly bland
swamp of puree   ~
then go deeper
listen to
my heart beat
its bloody rhythm
its heartfelt concern
not entirely for me
but that circulating
care and hope
throughout me
brewing in my veins
wanting the best
the most possible
to happen,
to come about
for all things
for all else
whether it be
the living
or the nonliving
within the physical
or the nonphysical
so deemed as Nature   ~
seeing then more of me
than my shell
feeling my energy
the vibrancy held
as me, individualized
beneath the glow
of my human aura
and yet only
viewing a glimpse
a brief snapshot
of my body
of my character
of my spirit
of my soul
me being as I am
living my journey
not the whole
the totality
or my complete life
just teeny little,
tiny bits
as fragments
left there behind
before everyone
who wants to know
who I was
who I came to be
who I now am
as I live, lived
and will continue to live
my life, my way
within the space of
my time
living among and together
with everything
I experience as all else
when and while
all else looked at me

peace out

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~