self-realization begins

suspended aimlessly
deep within
a pool of despair
drunk as an alcoholic
longingly dependent
upon that drink
despite the ill effect
called hangover
so knowingly
filled with melancholy   ~
despairingly trapped
within a cycle
habitual in behavior
through time
irrational and emotional
mind paralysis
destructive in mood
helplessly awaiting
wanting release
a break in the pattern
from this recurrent
dismal quandary
bent on achieving
a self-disapproval   ~
repressed perilously
suppressed within
from a hell-bound guilt
kindled subconsciously
on a façade
that reinforces
self-replicating doubt
fostered endlessly
during the throws
of collective influence
with its derivative
socially embedded
postulating deviation
as an abnormality   ~
bombastically flogged
within passivity
as to the complex
process of chaotic mind
feeling downtrodden
at rock bottom
self-realization begins
from undergoing
the lived experience
the mental
the emotional
the spiritual
and the physical
degradation of it all
cleanses by purging
oneself of its guilt
leaving nothing else
but self-acceptance   ~
freeing self-inhibitions
overtime within
the tutorship
of self-acceptance
enhancing willpower
to rise above the fray
using self-empathy
by learning
through knowing
and self-compassion
coming to self-realize
that a jacked-up mind
always thinking
never wanting to rest
cyclically undergoing
highs and lows
ups and downs
spiraling down
crash landing
from exhaustion
sinking into
suffering for awhile
a depressive slump
a certain moodiness
after a relentless
firing of circuitry
during your own
process of mind
inside your brain
is nothing other than
a progressively
self-accepted for now
as one’s very special
yet somewhat different
abnormalities normality

peace out

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

All Words & Images Copyright © 1999-2021 - Keith Alan Hamilton - All rights reserved.