Mystic Philosopher

me that mystic philosopher
I’m more an individualist
apparently, the trait
is not inherent
or embodied within
my genetic disposition
~    to be the follower
that wannabe disciple
searching for some
teacher or teaching
as if that’s
the only way to
the journey of
enlightenment   ~
seemingly so,
during this
thought process
of my more
individualistic path
does find its focus as
related to being alive
~    therefore and therein
my lived experience
and the lessons learned
from sharing space
with all else on earth
all that is manifest
within my existence
being as such
perceived by me
as a whole system
that’s systemically linked
like the web of a spider
embracing in its totality
my physical reality
of which makes me
very spiritual
and yet I’m not religious
~ ~
while being this
so-called mystic philosopher
my lived experience
as previously mentioned
is one known by me
through the perspective
discovered by living process
the human process
known to some as
reflective consciousness
that cognitive capacity
to not only be self-aware
when thinking,
but also   ~   being able to
the thoughts
and experiences
one   ~   as an individual
being dependent upon
and embedded influences
may or may not have   ~
wherefore during
the spiritual process
my mysticism
as this thinker
this conscious being
a self,
thinking my thoughts
as self-realized
by me
within the bodily
inherent to
human energy/matter
~    I bring forth
an enactive,
emergent and
self-centric process
from this self-oriented
perception and perspective
as an individual   ~
that’s alive in
three-dimensional space
through time
doing so within
my experience of living
by way of an
learning process
of self-interaction
~    a self-comparison
while I associatively relate
through cognition
objectively, subjectively,
intuitively, emotively,
and psychically
with everything else
everything else,
coming to be known by me
to be a part
or as interrelated,
and interdependent
to me    ~
no matter how subtle
the inference made
as well as,
apparently   ~   to all else
happening, yes occurring
during my physical,
mental, emotional
and spiritual experience
whether if,
living or not living
and yet,
systemically existent
to my   ~
self-perceived reality
~ ~
yes   ~   my self-perceived
reality as me
that mystic philosopher
through this process
~    the process of mind
intrinsic to, entwined in
the process of life,
within it’s higher
human capacity
reflective consciousness
I then   ~   as a self,
during awareness
and evaluation
as a part of   ~
my lived experience
come to know
the unfold and enfold
of systemic processes
as revealed to me
only after much   ~
struggle through effort
within the process of
thinking my thoughts
as intelligently
perceptive insights
~    insights into
the process of   ~
dynamically stable,
and transitionally
recurrent patterns
of systemic order
~   that systemic order
which is,
recurrent in pattern
as subjective aspects
comprising the systemic
web of the living
and the nonliving
~    portions of a totality
as a physical
and whole system
exhibiting chaos
within the   ~
complex layers of order
that all   ~   somehow
assemble together
like some gigantic
Rubik’s cube
~    I   ~   as me,
a self,
an individual,
who during self-perception
with and among the many
me that mystic philosopher   ~
I attempt in all humbleness
to express through
and within
my various styles,
my words of thought
~    what I,
so dare to call
my reality with others
as being,
well   ~
I’ll just say it, Nature

peace out

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

Rev. 6/24/2023