not really so concerned

pro-lifer  ~  THEY say
what really
does a statement
like that mean   …..
as a peace out  ~
social activist
I wonder
does it mean the THEY
have a concern
for a life
the first breath
do the THEY
keep an eye
on the entire life
of a newborn …..
do the THEY
assure a life’s
continual well-being
or are the THEY
really pro-birthers
who force a woman
take away
her choice and rights
as to her
and totally disregard
her life circumstances
at the time and thereafter
the birth of a life
do the THEY
really  ~  really care
about a life
after being born …..
not the pro-birther’s
the THEY
cleverly disguised
as being
a not really
so concerned
pro-lifer   ~

just say …..
peace out

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~