long-termer humans

~Peace Out~

I’m regrettably
a long-termer
Lyme disease has had
a long lasting effect
it knocked me down  …..
and fights to keep me
from getting back up
condemned it seems
forever suffering
eternal punishment
on a hellish earth
~   doin’ its
dynamically natural
thang  …..
by way of
earth CHANGE
as if others
and me
being DAMNED
ain’t enough
that COVID thingy
had to come along  …..
WTF a pandemic   ~
where it appears
no matter if
fully vaccinated
and boosted
not vaccinated
or somewhere in between
people are still getting
“The Virus”
in differing decrees
some again and again
others suffering
the effect from it
long term  …..
jeepers creepers
some of us long-termer’s
already suffering
eternal punishment
on a hellish earth
could also
undergo additional
long-lasting pain  ~
distress and hardship
from that Covid thingy
and whatever else
the impartial forces
of drastically
earth CHANGE
conjures up
the nature gods
to cast doom
on our HUMAN future

All Aboard ~
the next spacecraft
ready to depart
our temporary spaceship
called planet EARTH
so us ~
long-termer humans
quite possibly ~ may survive …..

as a peace ~ out social activist

just saying …….
peace out

Image and Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~