Dear NOT MY PRESIDENT,  you sign executive orders, use Bannon

Dear NOT MY PRESIDENT,  you sign executive orders, use Bannon to set up a shadow government and openly share the same bed with Putin.  This is all part of you and your comrades Extremist agenda to advance Corporatism, Fascism and Supremacy and to ultimately control We the people who stand against you, our monies, our resources and our lands.  I call these acts of treason and un-American acts against We the people to restrict our freedoms, liberties, rights, the equality and justice granted us under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Imediately Stop Now and Resign from the Oval Office Mr. Trump, as well as your administration. If you don’t, I call out to the American people to resist you through non-violent direct action. I hereby call for the organizing of a National Non-Violent General Strike ! A designated day that no one (if they can) goes to work, nobody spends money or goes shopping. We the people united are a powerful political and economic force. We the people are strongly committed in the removing of you Mr. Trump and your adminstration from the White House. Where through Non-Violent Direct Action by We the people, we will lawfully and justly make sure you Mr. Trump, will become a former billionaire without a country. ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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