Dear NOT MY PRESIDENT, the action you have taken

Dear NOT MY PRESIDENT, the action you have taken against properly vetted, 100% legal alien Green Card holders is absolutely heartless and not representive of United States of America as a whole.  If you deny the rights of properly vetted Green Card holders what will you do to the rights of citizens like me who don’t agree with and firmly stands against your Authoritarian, Fascist and Supremacist behavior?  You are responsible to uphold the liberty granted We the people by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States of America.  You are blinded by your ego and ignorance of the documents aforementioned.  You don’t value the ideals of freedom they contain as sacred and worthy of upholding at all cost.  You are incompetent and incapable of serving the American people in the position you now hold.  Resign and leave the White House now and take your administration with you.  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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