poets critiquing

poets critiquing poetry
poets critiquing other poets
some poets choose to critique
together, the poet
and the poem
written by the poet
what the hell,
I understand
some say,
if a poet shares poetry
especially publicly,
they gotta have thick skin
or don’t share at all
ok, point given
point taken for consideration
don’t ever
someone dare
even question
the intent,
the motive
behind those poets
who critique
poetry and/or poets
if after a time
following and reading
the critiquing poet’s critiques
after awhile,
their intent,
their motive,
the tone
and the trend behind
that critiquing poet’s
underlying character
is revealed as not genuine
but self-serving
despite what they have said
or proclaimed
their reasoning to be
at these times,
the poet
who critiques and the poet
who is critiqued
have become the same
both are found
to be on equal ground
both are now fair game
why so,
might be
rightly asked
‘cause no matter
whether the critiquing poet
or the critiqued poet
critiquing the intent behind
the critiques of the
critiquing poet
all that is said
fall under the guise
the personal bias
of self-interpretation
even if, yes
others take up
stand with
one side or the other
this mutual support
at the end of the day
becomes nothing more than
just plain old
interpretation by the gang
only finding merit
some girth or worth
through the weight
called social pressure
collusion of evidence
that fateful
pious rule by majority
where nothing else
other than
take that or leave it
we won through numbers
so get used to it
is learned
and the creative growth
within the individuality
the artistry
uniquely representing
the artist
as related
to the critiqued poet
and the critiqued poetry
becomes stymied
slowly malnourished
through the negativity
bestowed by
public chastisement
rather than the positivity
gained overtime through
constructive encouragement
formulated upon
heartfelt and genuine intent

A poet writes then shares what’s written, hopefully learning from hearing the reaction to what was wrote; also gleaning insight about those who read what was wrote, who in turn learn something about their predisposition by the way they reacted to what was written.

peace out

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~