one of supple co-existence

the self as an individual
is born with genetic traits
along with inheriting
a family culture with tradition
thereafter the individual
is subjected to influence
experiencing a socially
embedded programming
societal interactions
emerge a co-creative process
rules, ethics, etiquette
and so forth bestow guidance
a pattern of behavioral psyche
for the individual to follow

and yet guidance
from society’s co-creative process
restricts, limiting the full motion
regarding the individual
where the activities of nationhood
often outweigh, given primacy
over the individual acts of self-hood
arguably as far as society
a very sensible perspective
one that has to be concerned
for the welfare of society as a whole
civility being sustained overall
is pertinent to societal stability

but yet guidance
from society’s co-creative process
as to the outlook of the individual
needs to remain flexible
seemingly it’s wise
not to let the novelty of individuality
it’s creative variability
to become buried in the mix
societal inflexibility
as to individuality brings rigidity
disturbing overall
the social assemblage of relations
adaptability to fluctuating conditions
will begin to become inhibited

individuality begets spontaneity
which in turn obliges changing needs
variety in individual notion and ideal
keeps society vibrant and durable

the promotion of individuality
is important to society as a whole
collectivity and individuality
each perform roles
beneficial to social existence
our rationale as to the priority
given to either
may depend on perception
and yet time and circumstance
can dictate which gets more emphasis
relying more on one over the other
tends to force eventual adjustment
seemingly the interplay between
collectivity and individuality
within human society
is one of supple co-existence

peace out

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~