I’m a wannabe writer/poet

I’m a wannabe writer/poet
why wannabe
you might ask
‘cause I want to be able to write
create, no matter
if its prose or poetry
throughout my whole life
it’s in my blood,
my spirit
my soul’s genetic disposition
to not only write
but to also share what I write   ~
I’m a self-published writer/poet
why self-published
you might ask
‘cause I so choose to do so
not for the fame
or gaining some fortune
it’s all about the way of sharing
sharing it with everyone
over the internet
so it’s freely accessible to all
uniquely through my style
divvied up
according to my jurisdiction

I’m a wannabe writer/poet, self-published over the internet at my web sites; ‘cause as a mystic individualist and artist, I ‘want to be’ able to write and then share my words with those I want; doing so freely as possible throughout my entire life; despite if whether governmental politics, some intellectual, organization, a business or collective movement deems my words as being fit or not.

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~