a woman ~ among men

I hear some men say,
about the looks of a women
and what initially
attracts them
to the shapely silhouette
of the female figure
they are a leg man
from a lure to slenderness
complimented by length
or a bottom man
mesmerized within the curve
eclipsing those hips
and some men say,
they are a breast man
by mere presence
revealing an abundance
when it comes to a woman’s
outward appearance,
the aforementioned is great
for me
what initially attracts me
I’m more of
an eyes
and mouth
adorned with lips
type of man
from a stimulating
kind of way
‘cause of what
the eyes and the mouth
of a woman
signify to me,
intellectually   ~
~    the eyes: those windows
looking into the soul
you know, Betty Davis eyes,
that draw you in every time
out of sheer curiosity
to willingly transcend
into that subtle vortex
revealing a woman’s
inner beauty,
mystery and intrigue
layered with emotion
to be desirously explored
~    the mouth: the passageway
for the mind and soul
of the woman
coming forth
as expressed through words
of which by choice
can be intelligently spoken
filled at times
with vigor and vim
individualized into
an opinionated ideology
being spiced for flavor
with feelings
saturated in femininity
reminding you of the spirit,
grace and beauty
embodying a woman
like Katharine Hepburn
~ ~
~    yes, I desire
an intelligent
and independent woman
with a mind filled with
thoughts and opinions
uniquely her own
having the same rights
and freedoms as me
while yet,
is fully confident
about being
a woman   ~   among men

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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