a woman ~ among men

I hear some men say,
about the looks of a women
and what initially
attracts them
to the shapely silhouette
of the female figure
they are a leg man
from a lure to slenderness
complimented by length
or a bottom man
mesmerized within the curve
eclipsing those hips
and some men say,
they are a breast man
by mere presence
revealing an abundance
when it comes to a woman’s
outward appearance,
the aforementioned is great
for me
what initially attracts me
I’m more of
an eyes
and mouth
adorned with lips
type of man
from a stimulating
kind of way
‘cause of what
the eyes and the mouth
of a woman
signify to me,
intellectually   ~
~    the eyes: those windows
looking into the soul
you know, Betty Davis eyes,
that draw you in every time
out of sheer curiosity
to willingly transcend
into that subtle vortex
revealing a woman’s
inner beauty,
mystery and intrigue
layered with emotion
to be desirously explored
~    the mouth: the passageway
for the mind and soul
of the woman
coming forth
as expressed through words
of which by choice
can be intelligently spoken
filled at times
with vigor and vim
individualized into
an opinionated ideology
being spiced for flavor
with feelings
saturated in femininity
reminding you of the spirit,
grace and beauty
embodying a woman
like Katharine Hepburn
~ ~
~    yes, I desire
an intelligent
and independent woman
with a mind filled with
thoughts and opinions
uniquely her own
having the same rights
and freedoms as me
while yet,
is fully confident
about being
a woman   ~   among men

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

expressing intelligence

far off   ~   way
way in the distance
I first saw her
a classic beauty,
according to my eyes
her shapely figure
projected an aura
glowing with confidence
and yet   ~
it was her words
expressing intelligence
she captivated
not only my mind
but forevermore
became the possessor
of the key
opening the way
of which leads
to the heart   ~   within
the depth of my soul

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

a friend ~ a woman

we were young
~    so very young
well   ~   I guess
as it seems so now
when I first
as this shy   ~
but strong-willed boy
later to be called stubborn
by many women
I’ve known
~    saw her
from behind
my self-perceived
ugly glasses
as this girl
behind her glasses
possessing a special
kind of fortitude
way   ~   way
beyond her peers
~    and yet
as not
fully realized
back then
that she
and me
~    despite being
bodily not the same
she   ~   as a female
me   ~   as a male
had this kindred spirit
of mind and emotion
motivated by   ~
similar desires
envisioned a future
to the restless sort
wanting much   ~
much more
than growing up to live
an everyday life
akin to the culture
within some
small country town
~ ~
as though   ~
by the judgment
upon the strings
of the fates
while growing up
~    she and I
never got to know
each other   ~   that well
and when our time came
as adults   ~
to explore the world
our wandering nature
not unlike the adventurer
striking out
upon a greatly
anticipated expedition
we both departed
choosing   ~   to walk
on different roads
~ ~
and then one day
as if planned out
by the gods
or at least Zeus
the “Father
of Gods and men”
unbeknownst to me
the mortal kind   ~
she   ~   now this woman
me   ~   now this man
both the sojourners
within a reality
called life
have finally
stepped upon
the same road
even if   ~
not always
in the same place
~   doing so
after having amassed
within our travels
extremely   ~
complex lives
but this time
not again like
when we were young
regardless of the odds
~    and whatever
my present or past
with the many types
of women
that have come   ~
or stayed in my life
I do promise
somehow   ~   someway
at least
as far as me
with her
I’ll do my best
to keep it this kind
of relationship

as a man   ~
being a friend
~    with a woman

I do pray
I do hope

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

friendship like ours

I do   ~   do want
to have friends
and yet   ~
I also want
the friend   ~   that one
who is my friend
of friends
my kindred spirit
~    conversation
with this friend
is not merely
talk   ~   talk
we partake
of each other
through heartfelt
dialogue   ~
sharing our hopes
and dreams
~    even our fears
and problems
our deepest
dark secrets
without judgment
~    supportive
being there
at any time   ~
or at any place
for the other
and when
all seems bleak
that lifeline
tossed urgently
into turbulent waters
bearing the blessing
of saving grace
and eternal strength
made to be possible
by us both
the faith
~    in a friendship
like ours   ~

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

~ I am here

there is not
a day gone by
where I don’t
think of
and hope for
the best
for you
and yours   ~
I do pray
you draw
strength   ~
and hope
from knowing
this of me
to push on
your way
the struggle
to a happiness
you so rightly

~    I am here
~    if you
need me

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

walking ~ as you do

walking   ~   as you do
about the paths
of Central Park
no matter
if ever so briefly   ~
you feel free
like the birds
flying overhead
in the sky
filled with sun
or the squirrels
chasing each other
playfully   ~
immersed fully   ~
body and soul
into a game of tag
amidst the trees
~    you within
each stride   ~
every time   ~
your feet lift off
the ground
as your mind
drifts beyond
the tall buildings
which reminds you
of your surroundings
~    your whole body
through the act
found within
forward motion   ~
flows with this
sense of release
lessening   ~
those pressures
caused by
the responsibilities
you’ve taken on
without regret
upon yourself
~   all those
including friendship
you’re set on
seeing through
to the finish
like walking   ~
as you do
about the paths
of Central Park

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

livin’ to do

that damn knee
giving me so much pain
I cuss at it,
even while I’m asleep
~    ok, I give up
I’ll give in
and I’ll get the surgery
let them scrape
those spurs clean
I’ll be the good girl
and stick to
the rehabilitation plan
doing my exercises
faithfully   ~   without
bitching to much
~    why
you may ask
‘cause I gotta teach
my buddy Keith
how to ski in Colorado
so I can fly on by him
going down the slope
spraying snow
yep   ~
all over him
only to show
that cocky newbie
he’s gotta lot
yet to learn
before I buy that home
up in the Hudson Highlands
where out   ~
in the woodlands
I’ll show that boy
how a real hiker,
doing so,
as any good teacher
would or should
when preparing
him for Turkey
you got it    ~
to get him used to
the dust
he’ll have to breathe
from trying to
keep up with me
as I trek down
the Silk Road
~ ~
~   all for, listen closely
‘cause   ~   I
still gotta lot
of livin’ to do

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

who I am ~ me

I am nothing but
a little portion
woven into
the magical
tapestry   ~
to comprise
all else   ~
I am nothing but
one of many   ~
many individuals
trying to know
while learning
to live
with other aspects
within the physical
whole system
of all else
called Nature   ~
I am nothing but
at least
just enough
through my way
for all else
as well as   ~   you
to discern
and appreciate
who I am   ~   me

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

as you do


as you do
doing what
you have to
making the best
~    of it
each day
that spirit
from afar
calls out to you    ~
walk with me
walk with me
only for
a moment   ~   yes
leave behind
all else
to imagine
~    imagine
that place
full of hope
hope for
what’s beyond
~    beyond
the horizon
the clouds
~    and yet
there also
doing like
you have to
as you do
making the best
~    of it
each day

Words & Image by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

one wish


If I could have
but one wish
~    it would be
to grant the gift
of suspending time
where for awhile
you would be freed
from your duty
~    so you
skip joyously
as the child
without burden
or worry
along the trail
full of memories
invoked by the senses
the physical
~    land
~    air
~    water
and the fire of sun
shared by another
within the same realm
of appreciation
by your kindred spirit
~    although
the same
occasion   ~
that favorite place
away from it all
to walk
to dream
to relax
to just be    ~

~    even if
only a journey
from the once was
recalled fondly
to mind

Words & Image by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~