be remembered

do you see,
smell, touch,
taste and hear
all the living
going on in life
or maybe not
depending on
how distracted
you are with living
I can
and emotively
sense the activity
the motion of living
or at least the memory
of its aftermath
stored in
the energy
during time
within Nature
how about you   ~
do you feel
the commotion
going on with living   ~
how about
in your dreams
or don’t you
remember   ~
we all got choices
one way or another
to pay a little more
attention to
present day living
~   and yet,
that comma is for you
Peri   ~
unless we try
other than living
in the present
to change the beat
~    try to find ways
to figure things out
for future generations
to survive
what shall we leave
for our children’s
children   ~
what shall
be remembered
by them
as to our purpose
for the living

peace out

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~