me   ~
my-self as this human   ~

I have this reflective conscious process
bodily   ~
my consciousness
is emergently self-centric in process
causing my
three-dimensional perceptiveness
to have a self-perspective
that’s human-centric as to orientation
in other words   ~
during the reality of a lived experience
that’s cognitive   ~
a process of mind entwined
with the process of life
I interact with other aspects in Nature   ~
the living and nonliving
and yet   ~
it feels inherent to be self-concerned
for my-self
as my-self being self-absorbed with my-self   ~
I as well
was born with this empathic felt sense
that’s intuitive and emotive
so I   ~
me   ~
while this individual-self  ~
I perceive beyond my-self
naturally   ~
I tend to focus more on those most like me   ~
my kind
therein   ~
my self -centric concern
with its human-centric orientation
during lived experience   ~
I perceive more fully   ~
those closest to me
overtime   ~
this perceptivity
expands from there in a humanitarian way
my human self-centric tendency
progresses intelligently
after awhile   ~
my-self as my-self   ~
socially coupling
with other human-selves   ~
sees past the humankind
as my reflective   ~
human self-centric   ~
conscious process
utilizes more fully my emergent   ~
empathic perceptivity
I   ~
reflect more empathically within my-self
my-self   ~
sees more fully in a collective-centric way
I see my-self as I see another being or self   ~
I see how other-selves
see me and how others see them-selves   ~
self-evident it does become
I see diverse interactions
between individuals
and sub-groups of individuals
perceiving this web of interrelationships
built around cognition
not only between humans   ~
but all the living and nonliving   ~
it becomes
more clear   ~
now within my-self   ~
I feel a spiritually emotive concern
for all of Nature   ~
transitonally evolving
my human self-centric tendency
expanding it beyond humanitarian   ~
to be systemically more   ~
in focus and concern

peace out

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~