hey  ~  HUMAN-KIND
don’t sit on the sidelines of life  ~
be proactive
and spread the word  ~
“Let’s Survive, Not Die!”
’cause We the people
of planet earth
must unite
set aside our differences
and learn how to adapt
to prevailing conditions
instead of getting distracted
and bogged down
in the mire of it all
especially if
we’re gonna survive
into the future
so ALL human KINDS
can live on and on …..
regardless  ~
what types of
drastically disruptive
earth change may occur
Nature’s impartial rendition
of cyclical genocide
that in the past
entire KINDS of the living
like the HUMAN-KIND
from continued participation
in the dance called life
while time marches on …..

just saying …..
peace out

Words by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~