the HUMAN-KIND ~ I am a believer !

an evolving species
capable of
creative acts….   producing
from bad
all the way to
the good
some would say
there are
those naysayers
and doomsayers
that seemingly focus
on the misdeeds
of humanity …..   failing
to note or recall
the positive
and productive acts
that helped to
evolve and sustain
the human species
through time …..
the way
one human
sees another
or views
a group of humans
from bad
all the way to
the good
appears limited
by the filtering process of
social conditioning
a tunnel vision effect
while living
with a limited amount
of humans
or specific groups
of humans
socially fenced off
from other humans
behind the barriers of race  ~
skin color   ~   sex   ~   gender
nationality   ~   ethnicity
culture   ~   belief
and economic status
divisions stirring
a dis-ease
between factions of
a tea like drink
steeped to the brim
with predisposition
and stereotype
infectious ingredients
that brew societal ills

despite such
factors and conditions
through my eyes
as a self-proclaimed
Mystic Visionary
Spiritual Warrior
Pro-Human …..   Social Activist
Performance Artist   ~

I am a believer…..

the vision and intent
behind my positive
proactive message
as it pertains
to this matter of belief

I now quote my own prose…..

“This idea of KIND,  where humanity ultimately becomes more fully aware of its Kind, THE HUMAN-KIND !  The one and only realization of a Kind by its KIND, regardless the diverse labels of race, skin color, sex, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, belief or economic status.  Where ONE KIND, We the people of planet earth set aside our differences and unitedly focus on one objective, the future survival of ALL THE HUMAN-KIND.  Spiritually as a collective, We the people need to envision the wisdom and benefit of working together to increase the overall well-being of all humanity.   A collective conscious, transitional process of spiritual awareness that proactively co-creates a social environment of global healing through the non-violent direct action of OPEN DIALOGUE.   A proactive way of communication that leads to a peaceful coexistence among We the people of planet earth and the everlasting preservation of THE HUMAN-KIND.”

“If expecting tolerance to be learned by others, then through example the tolerant, should patiently exhibit tolerance for those learning to be tolerant; even if, the intolerant are becoming tolerant, a lot slower than what is expected by the tolerant; how else should the tolerant expect the intolerant to learn tolerance?”

create social change
through Non-violent
Direct Action
initiate learning
and development
by way of the peaceful
and healing process
of Open Dialogue

peace out

~Keith Alan Hamilton~

Dedicated to my fellow social activist friend and mentor for peace, David Eberhardt and his 138 page memoir –  For All the Saints, a Protest Primer.