Dear NOT MY PRESIDENT…. every Citizen in the US under the Constitution

Dear NOT MY PRESIDENT….   every citizen in the US under the Constitution has a right to have and express their own opinions or beliefs. When we recite the Pledge of Allegiance, we as citizens, express our commitment to our fundamental ideals as a nation, “liberty and justice for all.”  You Mr. Trump were elected to uphold and preserve these core rights under the Constitution as the premiere representative of the US government.  If you do not Mr. Trump, it is to me an act of treason against the citizens of the US because of the oath you took as a government official to defend the Constitution that includes its first amendment.  Mr. Trump in your current governmental role and obligation, you do not have the right to force/dictate under the law of the land that We the people must follow your personal opinions/beliefs (Corporatism, Fascism and Supremacy).  If they are to change government in a way that is contrary to the ideals set forth in the Constitution.  If you want to promote changing the Constitution according to your own opinions/beliefs, you must resign immediately and freely pursue that course if that is your purpose.  Mr. Trump, you and your administration from the beginning have shown yourselves to be extremists & fascists, and have proven not to uphold the oath you took.  Each of us as citizens must uphold and fight for what is recited by us in the Pledge of Allegiance, “liberty and justice for all.” Your improper actions in this regard, is one of the reasons why Mr. Trump, you are Not My President.  In accordance to the vow I make as a citizen of the US when reciting patriotically the Pledge of Allegiance, I fervently fight to have you and your administration removed from the Oval Office.  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~