sinus infection

fuckin’ sinus infection
pestering me
and again
throughout the year
this bug   ~
having no mercy
~    invades
my nasal passage
overloading me
with mucus
causing me to sneeze
and wheeze
plugging my ear ways
giving me a headache
making my eyes itch
~    all due to
it’s sickening
into me
~ ~
fuckin’ sinus infection
similarly acting
like that damn mosquito
trapped within the dark
of my bedroom
circling and buzzing
~    endlessly
around my head
while I cry out for sleep
I haphazardly
swat about   ~
missing it
‘cause of my lightless
and yet   ~   in spite of
my diminished state
~    it does persist
taking advantage
of the opportunity
without hesitation
or somehow inhibited
by a guilty conscience
relentlessly   ~   it goes
hovering and seeking
for that right spot
to violate me
sucking my blood
leaving with me
its dismal affect
as if some vampire
lusting for the high
had from the junky fix
~ ~
fuckin’ sinus infection
if only   ~   if only
when catching you
I could kick your ass
as you   ~   as you
continually do mine

peace out

Words by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~