I see before me

I see before me
the clouds
floating about
the deep blue sky
along the horizon
saturated with
golden rays of sun
shedding light
upon the waters
feeding the tributary
of which
brings nourishment
to the land`
the ground
of dirt and rock
and beneath
where vegetation
like the tree has root
helping to oxygenate
all those creatures
with a capacity
for the breath of life
who continually
self-produce in kind
so to replenish
those lost to death
to fulfill a purpose
a need with a will
that’s fighting
and struggling
only to be
for that reason
having the want
this spirit to survive   ~
as to this spirit
its wanting
and all I perceive
I see before me
that why
the how come
for all this living

peace out

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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