Open Dialogue: Non-Violent Direct Action

We the People
as far as I SEE it
as a social activist
filled with a spiritual
must proactively
bring about
Social Change
through the use of
Direct Action  ~
a type of direct action
that creates an atmosphere
of effective communication
entwined with empathy
and tolerance
where a process of learning
development and growth
is initiated
by way of a healing
and peaceful
a form of Non-violent
Direct Action
known as
Open Dialogue
Open Dialogue
a manner of communication
that encourages
an environment
of free expression
and listening
without fear of reproach
a process
not so prone
to proselytizing  ~
that browbeating
laced with scorn
or seething condemnation
where We the People
~  the Human-Kind
will feel a part
of the equation  …..
be more willing
to confront
and air out
those suppressed
and stereotypes
that work against finding
any cures for societal ills
peace out  ~
Words and Image by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~