Dear NOT MY PRESIDENT, I say this to all who will listen

Dear NOT MY PRESIDENT,  I say this to all who will listen from under the spell of predisposition, inhibition and stereotype…..  “trump” is NOT MY PRESIDENT ’cause,  trump and his administration have an EXTREMIST agenda far from upholding the Constitutional core values of the America people…..  that we as a Republic – Pledge Allegiance to….  LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL !

I won’t WHITEwash the trump WHITE house, its EXTREMIST behavior (Fascism/WHITE Supremacy) that is supported by Putin/McConnell like comrades in both Houses of the US Congress.

As an American citizen, and a Pro-Human – Social Activist, who fights for ALL We the people of the planet earth….. the One & Only Race – THE HUMAN RACE (regardless the color of a person’s skin, sex, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, belief or economic status); I will not Hush Up my activism on social media under the WHITEwash pressure of brainwashed/bias trump conformers.

Peace out

~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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