laid to rest


as I drive up to the gate
of the Mt. Calvary
Cemetery Complex
housing the remains
of only African Americans
my mind  ~  body
and spirit
overflow with emotion
partly ’cause
my muse RLF
and regular companion
while visiting the places
to be transformed into art
for the Slavery in America
Image with Words Collection
– Virginia Edition
is not with me today
she has MS
and it exhausts her so much ….
where this complex is located
is the place of her birth
the sharing
of her family history
and life experiences
from here to the cemetery
in Deep Creek
and the one
along The Slave Trail
in Richmond
has inspired me to create
this kind of art
and ignite
my social activist spirit  ~
~   using art
in such a way
to initiate change
to unearth metaphorically
and bring to light
once again
the history and memory
of lives that have passed
buried in this solemn ground
and the others
Ida Barbour
rests here
lived in Lincolnsville
the first
free Black section in Portsmouth
was a teacher
and started a day care center
like her
I can only hope my art
this collection
will inspire in others
the want to learn
to accept
to heal
humanly grow
and see
the wisdom to preserve
not only the memory
of this Holy Ground
but about the history
of the Slave Trade in America
why  ~  you may ask
’cause I see only
one race
We the people
of planet earth
one kind
one species
that’s it
~   coming in
all types of color
and flavor
and belief

no matter where
a HUMAN is laid to rest

Image & Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

Dedicated to my Word Spoken Artist Mentor William Washington.

Also dedicated to the preservation of African-American artifacts in the areas of Shockoe Bottom, Deep Creek & the burial grounds of Portsmouth, VA. May this bring remembrance, acceptance, healing and the cooperative progression of THE HUMAN RACE.

This Image with Words will be a part of my Slavery in America Image with Words Collection – Virginia Edition now exhibited in The Urban Individualist Artist Collective Gallery at Art Works In Richmond, VA.

All Words & Images Copyright © 1999-2021 - Keith Alan Hamilton - All rights reserved.