damn eyeglasses

those damn eyeglasses
those ugly one’s I had to wear
around the fourth grade or so
which not only made me shy
but robbed me of my smile
with weakened eyesight
I still hear the doctor say
frankly to my mother,
“your son is nearsighted”
not to fret or worry one bit
he had the trick to fix me
those lenses worked alright
and yet those black rimmed
bigger seeming than my head
some kind of plastic framed
monstrosity worn only by
me this alien from Mars
caused me to feel all
googly eye conscious
becoming thereafter
my self-consuming focus
like smitten with leprosy
during my young existence   ~
now when I see those pictures
taken of me long ago
no matter how well
I’ve done since then in life
so ever briefly it may last
childlike feelings reemerge
if I didn’t get those
damn eyeglasses,
just maybe then
somehow, someway
I’d not been so shy
I’d been more confident
with myself and my abilities
girls would of liked me more
sports I was pretty good,
maybe I’d been really great
then quickly as it started
this mental lapse
down memory lane
the flashback is over
I suddenly jolt back
from the ever so sweet
melancholy had
through reliving it all again

peace out

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~