Flip-Books (Images or Images with Words)

These flip-books have been made freely accessible and provided without charge or in the future at an affordable price over the internet. To view flip-books you must have Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher installed on your computer. These flip-books do not work on Smartphones. They are works of art in progress and will be eventually converted to the new HTML 5 technology to work with Smartphones.

  Preview online my new poetry
books as I create them: 

Nature ~ IQ
“Let’s Survive, Not Die”

The Woman ~
as precieved by The Man

Featuring 4 world class artists:
Regina A. Walker
Denise Denomy
Azzi Kalili
Era Tak

  My Poetry/ Cell-phone Photography:

The River House Collection
Introduction: Poems and Photos
Eastside to Bridge that’s no more
Eastside through Gorge
Westside to rock in the middle
Westside to small Falls

The Vail in the Fall Collection

 Introduction: Poems and Photos
Photos: around the golf course
and along Cove Valley Trail

  My Cell-phone Photography:

The Quabbin Tower

Rainy Day through a Car Windshield

A Touch of White

Mist into the Light

The Wooded Drumlin ~
Light and Shadow

My Collaborations with other Artists:
Images & Words

Stuyvesant Town ~ NYC

on the Prairie

   My other flip

Sayings on My Thoughts

Prose on My Thoughts