My poetic words of thought embody …..

My poetic words of thought embody creativity’s originality brought forth through a process of expressed individuality; appreciatively though, my poetry is also socially embedded with the linguistic mannerisms that are representative of the everyday kind of folk of which I’ve experienced life.

Artistic Saying by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

I’m proud to be American …..

“I’m proud to be American because I have walked and experienced the highways and byways that literally breathe the spirit representative of the heart and soul of my nation; for all those who dislike me for being a proud American, you’ll have to learn to live with it or try to truly know the reasons behind we the people as everyday Americans, are so proud.”

Artistic Saying by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

The most humbling honor …..

“The most humbling honor I’ve had in life, is to be a father; whether I’m a good one or not is for my children to decide; and yet, I’m forever grateful for this opportunity bestowed as a blessing by the creator of life, ‘cause I’m giving fatherhood all that my heart and soul can give.”

Artistic Saying by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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