damn eyeglasses

those damn eyeglasses
those ugly one’s I had to wear
around the fourth grade or so
which not only made me shy
but robbed me of my smile
with weakened eyesight
I still hear the doctor say
frankly to my mother,
“your son is nearsighted”
not to fret or worry one bit
he had the trick to fix me
those lenses worked alright
and yet those black rimmed
bigger seeming than my head
some kind of plastic framed
monstrosity worn only by
me this alien from Mars
caused me to feel all
googly eye conscious
becoming thereafter
my self-consuming focus
like smitten with leprosy
during my young existence   ~
now when I see those pictures
taken of me long ago
no matter how well
I’ve done since then in life
so ever briefly it may last
childlike feelings reemerge
if I didn’t get those
damn eyeglasses,
just maybe then
somehow, someway
I’d not been so shy
I’d been more confident
with myself and my abilities
girls would of liked me more
sports I was pretty good,
maybe I’d been really great
then quickly as it started
this mental lapse
down memory lane
the flashback is over
I suddenly jolt back
from the ever so sweet
melancholy had
through reliving it all again

peace out

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

I’m a wannabe writer/poet

I’m a wannabe writer/poet
why wannabe
you might ask
‘cause I want to be able to write
create, no matter
if its prose or poetry
throughout my whole life
it’s in my blood,
my spirit
my soul’s genetic disposition
to not only write
but to also share what I write   ~
I’m a self-published writer/poet
why self-published
you might ask
‘cause I so choose to do so
not for the fame
or gaining some fortune
it’s all about the way of sharing
sharing it with everyone
over the internet
so it’s freely accessible to all
uniquely through my style
divvied up
according to my jurisdiction

I’m a wannabe writer/poet, self-published over the internet at my web sites; ‘cause as a mystic individualist and artist, I ‘want to be’ able to write and then share my words with those I want; doing so freely as possible throughout my entire life; despite if whether governmental politics, some intellectual, organization, a business or collective movement deems my words as being fit or not.

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

poets critiquing

poets critiquing poetry
poets critiquing other poets
some poets choose to critique
together, the poet
and the poem
written by the poet
what the hell,
I understand
some say,
if a poet shares poetry
especially publicly,
they gotta have thick skin
or don’t share at all
ok, point given
point taken for consideration
don’t ever
someone dare
even question
the intent,
the motive
behind those poets
who critique
poetry and/or poets
if after a time
following and reading
the critiquing poet’s critiques
after awhile,
their intent,
their motive,
the tone
and the trend behind
that critiquing poet’s
underlying character
is revealed as not genuine
but self-serving
despite what they have said
or proclaimed
their reasoning to be
at these times,
the poet
who critiques and the poet
who is critiqued
have become the same
both are found
to be on equal ground
both are now fair game
why so,
might be
rightly asked
‘cause no matter
whether the critiquing poet
or the critiqued poet
critiquing the intent behind
the critiques of the
critiquing poet
all that is said
fall under the guise
the personal bias
of self-interpretation
even if, yes
others take up
stand with
one side or the other
this mutual support
at the end of the day
becomes nothing more than
just plain old
interpretation by the gang
only finding merit
some girth or worth
through the weight
called social pressure
collusion of evidence
that fateful
pious rule by majority
where nothing else
other than
take that or leave it
we won through numbers
so get used to it
is learned
and the creative growth
within the individuality
the artistry
uniquely representing
the artist
as related
to the critiqued poet
and the critiqued poetry
becomes stymied
slowly malnourished
through the negativity
bestowed by
public chastisement
rather than the positivity
gained overtime through
constructive encouragement
formulated upon
heartfelt and genuine intent

A poet writes then shares what’s written, hopefully learning from hearing the reaction to what was wrote; also gleaning insight about those who read what was wrote, who in turn learn something about their predisposition by the way they reacted to what was written.

peace out

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

one of supple co-existence

the self as an individual
is born with genetic traits
along with inheriting
a family culture with tradition
thereafter the individual
is subjected to influence
experiencing a socially
embedded programming
societal interactions
emerge a co-creative process
rules, ethics, etiquette
and so forth bestow guidance
a pattern of behavioral psyche
for the individual to follow

and yet guidance
from society’s co-creative process
restricts, limiting the full motion
regarding the individual
where the activities of nationhood
often outweigh, given primacy
over the individual acts of self-hood
arguably as far as society
a very sensible perspective
one that has to be concerned
for the welfare of society as a whole
civility being sustained overall
is pertinent to societal stability

but yet guidance
from society’s co-creative process
as to the outlook of the individual
needs to remain flexible
seemingly it’s wise
not to let the novelty of individuality
it’s creative variability
to become buried in the mix
societal inflexibility
as to individuality brings rigidity
disturbing overall
the social assemblage of relations
adaptability to fluctuating conditions
will begin to become inhibited

individuality begets spontaneity
which in turn obliges changing needs
variety in individual notion and ideal
keeps society vibrant and durable

the promotion of individuality
is important to society as a whole
collectivity and individuality
each perform roles
beneficial to social existence
our rationale as to the priority
given to either
may depend on perception
and yet time and circumstance
can dictate which gets more emphasis
relying more on one over the other
tends to force eventual adjustment
seemingly the interplay between
collectivity and individuality
within human society
is one of supple co-existence

peace out

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

humans have a way

humans have a way about them
despite what the naysayers say
in spite of the doomsayer’s claim

humankind has learned to cope
deal with it, live with it and then
live on through the circumstance

humanity will realize it’s the time
it’s now really time to get it done
join as one, overcome and go on

humans have a way about them
a way to get going when needed
and this way to adapt to survive

As a human, I turn a deaf ear to the naysayer, that doomsayer and the finger pointer casting blame in condemnation of past deeds solely to fill humanity with guilt and shame; overall in my opinion, humans are doing the best they can, learning as they stumble along in life by way of past actions and deeds; maybe not to the liking of some, who seemingly bellow their dismay as judge to intellectually or sanctimoniously elevate themselves above the ignorant and defiled peoples; as far as I see it as a common everyday person, humanity should not have to feel guilt, feel as evil for coming to be, wanting and trying to survive with the essential purpose to live and then learning no matter how long it takes to live on.

peace out

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

preordained metaphorically

the eagle came to me
at Lake Winnipesaukee
far from the sea
like the eagles did
and still do
in the salt water inlets
of Cape Breton
perceived at that time
through the romance
of my Scot-Irish
that embody
wind filled hills
along a rocky
and gravel
kind of sand
very similar
to the homeland
the indigenously
referred to …..
by the idiomatic
across the pond   ~
the beauty of the eagle’s flight
at this particular
as reflected
in the shimmering
cool waters
so familiar   ~   throughout
Thanksgiving week
in northern New Hampshire
a fish suddenly falls prey
to the forceful grip of talons
pale yellow
void of innocence
without hardly
a splash ……
…..    death
arrives confidently
and then this
fated victim
is lifted rudely
silent of proper prayer
yet eerily
with gracefulness
up into the air
where aptly
whisked away
to a horizon
as if preordained
by a misty
shrouded sky

peace out

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

a woman ~ among men

I hear some men say,
about the looks of a women
and what initially
attracts them
to the shapely silhouette
of the female figure
they are a leg man
from a lure to slenderness
complimented by length
or a bottom man
mesmerized within the curve
eclipsing those hips
and some men say,
they are a breast man
by mere presence
revealing an abundance
when it comes to a woman’s
outward appearance,
the aforementioned is great
for me
what initially attracts me
I’m more of
an eyes
and mouth
adorned with lips
type of man
from a stimulating
kind of way
‘cause of what
the eyes and the mouth
of a woman
signify to me,
intellectually   ~
~    the eyes: those windows
looking into the soul
you know, Betty Davis eyes,
that draw you in every time
out of sheer curiosity
to willingly transcend
into that subtle vortex
revealing a woman’s
inner beauty,
mystery and intrigue
layered with emotion
to be desirously explored
~    the mouth: the passageway
for the mind and soul
of the woman
coming forth
as expressed through words
of which by choice
can be intelligently spoken
filled at times
with vigor and vim
individualized into
an opinionated ideology
being spiced for flavor
with feelings
saturated in femininity
reminding you of the spirit,
grace and beauty
embodying a woman
like Katharine Hepburn
~ ~
~    yes, I desire
an intelligent
and independent woman
with a mind filled with
thoughts and opinions
uniquely her own
having the same rights
and freedoms as me
while yet,
is fully confident
about being
a woman   ~   among men

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

expressing intelligence

far off   ~   way
way in the distance
I first saw her
a classic beauty,
according to my eyes
her shapely figure
projected an aura
glowing with confidence
and yet   ~
it was her words
expressing intelligence
she captivated
not only my mind
but forevermore
became the possessor
of the key
opening the way
of which leads
to the heart   ~   within
the depth of my soul

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

a friend ~ a woman

we were young
~    so very young
well   ~   I guess
as it seems so now
when I first
as this shy   ~
but strong-willed boy
later to be called stubborn
by many women
I’ve known
~    saw her
from behind
my self-perceived
ugly glasses
as this girl
behind her glasses
possessing a special
kind of fortitude
way   ~   way
beyond her peers
~    and yet
as not
fully realized
back then
that she
and me
~    despite being
bodily not the same
she   ~   as a female
me   ~   as a male
had this kindred spirit
of mind and emotion
motivated by   ~
similar desires
envisioned a future
to the restless sort
wanting much   ~
much more
than growing up to live
an everyday life
akin to the culture
within some
small country town
~ ~
as though   ~
by the judgment
upon the strings
of the fates
while growing up
~    she and I
never got to know
each other   ~   that well
and when our time came
as adults   ~
to explore the world
our wandering nature
not unlike the adventurer
striking out
upon a greatly
anticipated expedition
we both departed
choosing   ~   to walk
on different roads
~ ~
and then one day
as if planned out
by the gods
or at least Zeus
the “Father
of Gods and men”
unbeknownst to me
the mortal kind   ~
she   ~   now this woman
me   ~   now this man
both the sojourners
within a reality
called life
have finally
stepped upon
the same road
even if   ~
not always
in the same place
~   doing so
after having amassed
within our travels
extremely   ~
complex lives
but this time
not again like
when we were young
regardless of the odds
~    and whatever
my present or past
with the many types
of women
that have come   ~
or stayed in my life
I do promise
somehow   ~   someway
at least
as far as me
with her
I’ll do my best
to keep it this kind
of relationship

as a man   ~
being a friend
~    with a woman

I do pray
I do hope

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

friendship like ours

I do   ~   do want
to have friends
and yet   ~
I also want
the friend   ~   that one
who is my friend
of friends
my kindred spirit
~    conversation
with this friend
is not merely
talk   ~   talk
we partake
of each other
through heartfelt
dialogue   ~
sharing our hopes
and dreams
~    even our fears
and problems
our deepest
dark secrets
without judgment
~    supportive
being there
at any time   ~
or at any place
for the other
and when
all seems bleak
that lifeline
tossed urgently
into turbulent waters
bearing the blessing
of saving grace
and eternal strength
made to be possible
by us both
the faith
~    in a friendship
like ours   ~

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~