beyond the present

(KAH), beyond the present

My MYSTIC PHILOSOPHY (MP) – its way of OUTLOOK, overtime seems to have moved forward beyond just a CONCERNED FOCUS (CF) on my HUMAN CONSCIOUS LIVED EXPERIENCE (HCLE) in the present.

My particular (HCLE) to the INDIVIDUAL (I) as ME, seems by nature to be SPIRITUALLY PHILOSOPHICAL. My SPIRITUALLY PHILOSOPHICAL nature, apparently after conceptualizing a NATURE ~ IQ (NIQ) based WHOLE SYSTEM VIEW (WSV) of NATURE, seems to have undergone COGNITIVELY this SYSTEMICALLY transitional transformation. A COGNITIVE – LEARN to KNOW (LtK) or INTELLIGENTLY PROGRESSIVE type of refinement process that evolved my ENLIGHTENED DISCERNMENT (ED).

Apparently due to the COGNITIVE INTELLIGENT PROGRESSION from my ENHANCED (ED), seems to have CONSCIOUSLY become more MULTI-DIMENSIONAL. This MULTI-DIMENSIONALLY ENHANCED (ED), appears to have moved forward my (MP) way of OUTLOOK. Moved it forward beyond just a HUMANITARIAN and EARTH-ITARIAN type of CONCERNED FOCUS (CF) in the present. It has also CONSCIOUSLY moved forward my (MP) way of OUTLOOK toward a (CF) that appears systemically in scheme and breath to be NATURE ~ ITARIAN. A NATURE ~ ITARIAN type of (CF) that looks SYSTEMICALLY more toward NATURE in the FUTURE from a more MULTI-DIMENSIONALLY expanded type of WHOLE SYSTEM VIEW.

This SYSTEMICALLY expanded – (NIQ) based (WSV) of NATURE, appears to have helped the (I) as ME to more fully discern and distinguish between what are positive and negative realizations in my (HCB) way of LIFE. about my fellow (HCB) and other living and non-living systems of diversified, INFO-ENERGY/MATTER (IEM) type BODILY STRICTURES in NATURE. A (NIQ) based (WSV) that conceptualizes more fully, NATURE being in TOTALITY or in its breadth – as potentially the perspective, FUTURE HOME for the (HCB).

Apparently, the (I) as ME – now more fully sees through the lens of my (MP), beyond the present in NATURE, and more toward THE FUTURE.


“HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS seems a CONSCIOUS BEINGNESS that includes this LEARN to KNOW or intelligently progressive COGNITIVE experience in process; the HUMAN CONSCIOUS BEING, as it has become more apparent to me, must fully strive to experience the scheme and breath of NATURE in TOTALITY as a WHOLE SYSTEM; seemingly as much as possible, so the HUMAN CONSCIOUS BEING can continually LEARN to KNOW, and also to more fully acquire the wisdom of how to better SURVIVE in NATURE into the future.”

Mystically Philosophical Sayings by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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This ENHANCED (ED), seems to have also CONSCIOUSLY expanded my (CF) beyond just a EARTH-ITARIAN type dependency for SURVIVAL of my (HCB) way of LIFE.