Keith conceptualizes NATURE ~ ITARIAN as a CONCERNED FOCUS that’s given a fuller emergence from a WHOLE SYSTEM WAY of VIEW of NATURE by a HUMAN BEING. A NATURE in TOTALITY as a WHOLE SYSTEM WAY of CONCERNED FOCUS that more fully perceives and distinguishes positive and negative realizations about fellow HUMAN BEINGS and other living and non-living aspects (individual or collective, animate and inanimate kinds or entities) in context to NATURE. A WHOLE SYSTEM WAY of VIEW perceived and conceptualized more fully as NATURE in TOTALITY being in breadth the potential HOME for the HUMAN BEING, especially in regard to SURVIVAL. A VIEW of HOME expanding beyond just the earth being the one and only home for the HUMAN BEING.

This NATURE-ITARIAN CONCERNED FOCUS appears to evolve from the SYSTEMIC process of a HUMAN SELF-PERCEIVED WAY of VIEW that COGNITIVELY and SPIRITUALLY becomes more fully manifest to the HUMAN BEING by WAY of a WHOLE SYSTEM view of NATURE. The INDIVIDUALIZED, COGNITIVELY SPIRITUAL and PARTICIPATORY LIVE to LEARN experience that’s INTELLIGENT in PROGRESSION through REFLECTIVE and REFLEXIVE THINKINGĀ in HUMAN consciousness. This HUMAN WAY of VIEW ONLY becomes more apparent to the HUMAN BEING overtime after much STRUGGLE through EFFORT as a participant in COGNITIVELY SPIRITUAL SOCIAL interaction. COGNITIVELY SPIRITUAL SOCIAL interaction with fellow HUMAN BEINGS and other living and non-living aspects in NATURE.

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