Keith conceptualizes SPIRITUALITY (being innately spiritual) as this INHERENTLY NATURAL FELT SENSE. A FELT SENSE that undergoes the effect of a SYSTEMICALLY emergent process in NATURE. A systemic process in NATURE that appears this INDIVIDUALIZED, COGNITIVELY SPIRITUAL and PARTICIPATORY LIVE to LEARN experience in HUMAN consciousness (a WAY of LIFE through the RIGHT of CHOICE). Spirituality, as this felt sense appears to progress or even regress in this experience of HUMAN consciousness and at times heightening in awareness or even lessening in awareness for the HUMAN BEING. Apparently this occurs while the HUMAN BEING, as an active and contributory participant in NATURE – INTELLIGENT PROGRESSIVELY, COGNITIVELY and SPIRITUALLY interacts with other living and non-living aspects (individual or collective, animate and inanimate kinds or entities) in HUMAN reality. COGNITIVELY SPIRITUAL, social interaction that includes the HUMAN BEING experiencing interconnection, interrelationship and interdependence with other aspects in NATURE. This INHERENTLY NATURAL LIVE to LEARN experience as a COGNITIVELY SPIRITUAL INDIVIDUAL, seemingly embeds enlightenment in varying decrees for each INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEING.

Keith envisions the potential of COGNITIVELY SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT for the INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEING. HUMAN ENLIGHTENMENT that cooperatively and adaptively, can transition and transform into a spirit of purpose and a more proactive concerned focus (PROACTIVELY COOPERATIVE and ADAPTIVE SURVIVAL). A purposeful and proactively concerned focus for HUMAN SURVIVAL that more fully perceives and distinguishes positive and negative realizations about fellow HUMAN BEINGS and other aspects of NATURE in TOTALITY as a WHOLE SYSTEM.

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