Keith’s COGNITIVELY SPIRITUAL, WHOLE SYSTEM view of NATURE, seems to have come forth through his INDIVIDUALIZED LIVE to LEARN experience of a reality in HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. This takes into consideration the inherit influence bodly stricture has on a HUMAN BEING’S COGNITIVELY SPIRITUAL experience. Specifically the limitations the HUMAN body physically imposes on the orientation of SELF-PERCEPTION and how that becomes a contributory factor in the way perspective is shaped into what’s known about the HUMAN BEING’S INDIVIDUALIZED LIVE to LEARN experience. He views NATURE in TOTALITY – as a HUMAN conscious conception of COGNITIVE emergence coupled with a spiritual felt sense of NATURE. NATURE being the embodiment of dynamically recurrent patterns of ORDERED SYSTEMIC PROCESS as manifested into a WHOLE SYSTEM. At any given instance in time, Nature appears to the HUMAN BEING in the TOTALITY of what’s perceived, not fully perceived or not yet perceived – coupled cognitively with a SPIRITUAL felt sense of existence. The HUMAN oriented, PERCEPTUAL and CONCEPTUAL manifestation of recurrent patterns of systemic process that come to be known as aspects, living and non-living (individual or collective, animate and inanimate kinds or entities) and the resultant interaction between them. In other words – what appears to become in a HUMAN LIVE to LEARN EXPERIENCE of a COGNITIVELY SPIRITUAL reality – the embodiment (systemic and energetic inter-workings) of NATURE.

“NATURE in TOTALITY as a WHOLE SYSTEM – appears an INTELLIGENTLY PROGRESSIVE work in systemic process during the LIVE to LEARN experience of HUMAN consciousness.”

Mystically Philosophical Saying by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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