Nature ~ IQ

Book Nature-IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die!

Keith conceptualizes NATURE ~ IQ from a COGNITIVELY SPIRITUAL – Systems Thinking contextual framework. As a process that appears to be a NATURALLY INHERENT, and systemically emergent LIVE to LEARN experience (INTELLIGENT PROGRESSION) of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. What the INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEING systemically comes to know through REFLECTIVE and REFLEXIVE THINKING about the embodiment of NATURE (learn, understand and more fully comprehend – coupled with a SPIRITUAL felt sense of NATURE’S systemic and energetic inter-workings). How dynamically recurrent patterns of ORDERED SYSTEMIC PROCESS contribute to the TOTALITY of NATURE as a WHOLE SYSTEM. How through the systemic interactions of living and non-living aspects, such as interconnection, interrelationship and interdependence, NATURE continuously appears to be dynamically brought forth, sustained, preserved and through time undergoes CHANGE.

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