Spiritual Adaptive Transitioning

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Keith foresees SPIRITUAL WARRIOR ACTIVISM taking on a greater sense of urgency and becoming more focused on a transformative message of Spiritual Adaptive Transitioning. The prolonged effect of turmoil and strife on HUMAN-KIND that’s deeply rooted in the divisiveness of SOCIETAL ILLS. , the accumulative demand imposed by an ever-expansive HUMAN population on planetary resoturces, and the adverse effect drastically disruptive earth change on the planet’s regulatory system to support life – An intelligently progressive and unified system of spiritual activism with the overall objective of improving HUMAN well-being enough to assure the future preservation of the HUMAN-KIND. A democratic ideology is also deemed a necessary framework for the eventual fulfillment of this objective. A DEMOCRATIC process that puts the rights and choices of the INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEING before any collective of individuals with LABELS like race, skin color, sex, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, belief, or economic status.

A happy, healthy, prosperous and informed humanity is then more hopeful, confident, self-sufficient and more a productive contributor to society. This improved overall well-being for the people is the primer that ignites a more positive mindset about the gift of life being lived to its fullest potential.   A more worry free state of being, frees the mind of the people from the burden of day to day ills.   The more open and clear the mind is with less distraction, helps the people see the wisdom for becoming united and focused through a commonality in purpose, the survival of humanity.  We the people as a whole will then be more willing and able to set aside the differences between us that the trials and tribulations of life have exacerbated.  This shared purpose with a clear vision, the preservation of the human species, spirited on by an improved well-being will help the people to not only want to take a more active role in life, but be more proactive in our efforts.  Humanity will see the need to come up with and implement concepts and practices in conjunction with technology to help humankind plan to adapt in a timely and the most fitting way to any type of earth change to come.

To achieve this improved well-being for all, We the people of planet earth must also find a way to partner with each of our governments.  This partnership would work to provide a more nurturing and developmental support system for human growth and potential.  Not a system that becomes overly dependent on the funding of government and excludes private enterprise.  However a partnership that develops the model and then helps to role out the system with the type of support to be offered.  All support services provided to humanity would be freely accessible and affordable.  This system of support with the services offered would have a transitional and transformational objective.  Therefore this type of objective would work on creating a social environment where the people overall will learn how to come up with ways to help themselves. The goal would be for every human to become over time more self-sufficient and a more positive contributor to society.  Wherein this would create a reciprocating feedback loop so to speak, where each transitioning human within this process would in turn be more willing and able to help another to find the way to help themselves as they did.  The first book in the series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! outlined five key services as the fundamental building blocks of this type of support system.  Known and proven concepts and practices used in conjunction with technology to increase well-being that need to be improved and updated, wherefore becoming more freely accessible and affordable: energy, information/education, transportation, housing and health care.

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