Spiritual Warrior Activism (SWA)

Keith defines SPIRITUAL WARRIOR ACTIVISM (SWA) – as human participants spiritually and socially engaged in ACTIVISM that primarily utilizes a Non-Violent Direct Action form of communication called OPEN DIALOGUE. ACTIVISM spirited in a more conducive manner to openly discuss societal issues and how to mutually find resolution for them. A communicative process that’s fueled with the energy of an INHERENTLY NATURAL spiritual purpose and concern for HUMAN BEINGS as INDIVIDUALS of the HUMAN-KIND. An intelligently progressive and unified system of SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM with the objective for improving the individual HUMAN BEING’S NATURE ~ IQ and well-being to the point that sustains and preserves the HUMAN-KIND as a species. A democratic ideology is also deemed a necessary framework for the successful advancement of this objective. It has to be the type of DEMOCRATIC process that puts the rights and choices of the INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEING before any collective strictures of individuals with descriptive LABELS like race, skin color, sex, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, belief, or economic status.

Keith envisions this cooperatively collective realization of SPRITUAL WARRIOR ENERGY of influence to be held within an enlightened perception of being just ONE of immeasurable kinds (collectives of living or nonliving aspects) that contribute to bringing about Nature’s TOTALITY or WHOLE SYSTEM. ONE HUMAN-KIND, a COOPERATIVE COLLECTIVITY comprised of INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEINGS -regardless the collective strictures imposed by descriptive LABELS of race, skin color, sex, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, belief, or economic status. INDIVIDUALS of this ONE KIND willing to set aside human differences out of SPIRITUAL concern for HUMAN survival and see the wisdom to unite as INDIVIDUALS in ONE SPIRITUAL purpose. A warrior (activist) mindset forging spiritually enlightened societal change (proactive energy of non-violent direct action + the collective spiritual energy of We the People as ONE KIND of INDIVIDUALS). An INHERENTLY NATURAL and emergent SPIRITUAL WARRIOR ACTIVISM that embodies a love unconditionally overflowing with acceptance, patience and tolerance for HUMAN BEINGS as INDIVIDUALS of the HUMAN-KIND.

A spiritual mindset embedded with the foresight as to the benefit of sustaining the HUMAN-KIND as a species. Enlightened humans united with one resolve, to transitionally adapt and survive whatever form of drastically disruptive earth change that may occur. This would include any adverse effect drastically disruptive change may have on the earth’s regulatory system to support life. That gives HUMAN-KIND the freedom and advantage to go beyond the earth’s restrictive boundary and have the ability to live on in a dynamically complex and changing TOTALITY or WHOLE SYSTEM called NATURE.

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