Spiritual Messenger

As a self-perceived SPIRITUAL EMPATHY MESSENGER, Keith’s MISSION finds expression as a MESSAGE in a NON-VIOLENT DIRECT ACTION manner of communication (Creative Style). A proactive MESSAGE that’s positive and PRO-HUMAN in behavior and concern for the future survival of INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEINGS as a SPECIES or KIND. A SPIRITUAL MESSAGE of COOPERATIVELY ADAPTIVE SURVIVAL that’s communicated from a WHOLE SYSTEM view of NATURE.

Keith’s SPIRITUAL EMPATHY MESSAGE finds guidance and temperament from the spirit of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. A love unconditionally overflowing with acceptance, patience and tolerance for HUMAN BEINGS as INDIVIDUALS. A love void of predisposition, inhibition, stereotype¬†and the inhibitive stricture imposed by COLLECTIVE LABELS (cooperative groupings like race, skin color, sex, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, belief, or economic status). The purest kind of love that motives and nurtures the intelligent progression of INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEINGS and their heart-felt sense of purpose for the INDIVIDUAL HUMAN’S SURVIVAL.

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