Spiritual Mission

Spiritual Warrior & Peace Out- Social Activist

As a Spiritual Warrior and Peace Out- Social Activist, Keith’s mission through Non-Violent Direct Actions are guided and tempered by the spirit of unconditional love. This kind of love emanates from the energy of Keith’s empathic heart and influences his Mystic Philosopher thought process. A spiritual process of mind and heart coupled with artistic expression that embodies a love unconditionally overflowing with acceptance, patience and tolerance for HUMAN BEINGS as INDIVIDUALS of the HUMAN-KIND. The purest kind of love that motives and nurtures the intelligent progression of HUMAN BEINGS and instills a sustained hope for global healing and peace between fellow HUMANS.  The bringing forth out of the darkness into the light, an innate eternal love for humanity as a species or KIND that’s void of predisposition, inhibition, stereotype and the inhibitive stricture of LABELS like race, skin color, sex, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, belief, or economic status.

This free flowing kind of love emerges in Keith a positive and pro-human Spiritual Warrior Activism. Activism with the MISSION being the future survival of the HUMAN-KIND as a SPIRITUALLY COOPERATIVE COLLECTIVITY of INDIVIDUALS. HUMAN BEINGS who SPIRITUALLY learn TOGETHER through a cognitively experienced realization of holistic and systemic interconnection, interrelationship and interdependence with all else in a reality of HUMAN consciousness. How this SPIRITUAL process of enlightened intelligent progression will help HUMAN-KIND to transitionally adapt and live on in a dynamically complex and changing TOTALITY called NATURE.

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