~Peace Out~

As a Spiritual Warrior and Peace Out- Social Activist, Keith’s mission through Non-Violent Direct Actions are guided and tempered by the spirit of unconditional love. This kind of love emanates from the energy of Keith’s emotively empathic heart and influences his Mystic Philosopher thought process. A spiritual process of mind and heart coupled with artistic expression that embodies a love unconditionally overflowing with acceptance, patience and tolerance. The purest kind of love that motives and nurtures the intelligent progression of others, a process of healing and a sustained hope for peace.  The bringing forth out of the darkness into the light, an innate eternal love for the human species that’s void of predisposition, inhibition and stereotype. This free flowing kind of love emerges in Keith, a positive and pro-human Spiritual Warrior Activism for ALL HUMANS and the HUMAN-KIND’s future survival.

It is these enlightened aspects of love that inspire Keith to do his part to creatively and spiritually initiate social change. The type of social change that emerges from a spiritually powered collective of activist minded INDIVIDUALS. Spiritual Warrior Activism – human participants in the co-evolutionary process of reflective consciousness fueled by the power of spiritual purpose and concern. An intelligently progressive and unified system of thought working as a concerned whole to improve the overall well-being of ALL the HUMAN-KIND. A collective realization of SPRITUAL WARRIOR POWER of influence held within an enlightened perception of being just ONE of immeasurable kinds in Nature, the HUMAN-KIND. ONE HUMAN-KIND of INDIVIDUALS regardless, the group LABELS of race, skin color, sex, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, belief, or economic status. All this ONE Kind willing to set aside human differences and see the wisdom to unite in ONE purpose. A warrior (activist) mindset forging spiritually enlightened social change (proactive energy of non-violent direct action + the collective spiritual power of We the People as ONE KIND). A spiritual mindset embedded with the foresight as to the benefit of preserving the HUMAN-KIND into the future. Enlightened humans united with one resolve, to transitionally adapt and then survive the devastating effect of drastically disruptive earth change – regardless of how it occurs.

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