Spiritual Visionary

As a self-perceived SPIRITUAL VISIONARY, Keith foresees the opportunity for We the people of planet earth to become a transitioning and transforming spiritually energetic force of ACTIVISM for societal change. Socially concerned INDIVIDUALS emerging as a SPIRITUAL WARRIOR minded collective, embodied with a positive PRO-HUMAN and forward moving perspective toward assuring the future survival of the HUMAN-KIND.

Book on Open Dialogue

A diversified cooperative of SPIRITUAL WARRIOR ACTIVISTS – who over time embrace a DEMOCRATIC process as the most appropriate environment to address and overcome societal issues. Spiritually motivated and diverse HUMANS who come to clearly see the wisdom in fully utilizing OPEN DIALOGUE (non-violent direct action) as the primary communication method to accomplish beneficial objectives for the whole of humanity. After much struggle and effort from openly communicating through dialogue guided by the oversight of democratic ideals, Keith perceives that HUMAN-KIND could reach a critical mass of consciousness, a spiritual tipping point that would forge societal change on a planetary scale. The type of unified collective change that would provide hope, purpose, healing and peace to the HUMAN-KIND. The kind of societal change that’s intelligently progressive and innovative in behavior, and would evolve the INDIVIDUAL HUMAN’S – NATURE ~ IQ .

Keith defines NATURE ~ IQ as what a human cognitively comes to know (learn, understand and more fully comprehend) during a conscious lived experience, about the embodiment (Incl. inter-workings) of NATURE. How NATURE’S systemic process works as a TOLTALITY or WHOLE SYSTEM – and how through the interconnections, interrelationships and interdependence of its living and nonliving aspects (individual and collective entities), NATURE is systemically brought forth and sustained.

The ongoing improvement of this HUMAN NATURE ~ IQ will eventually increase the HUMAN-KIND’s ability to transitionally adapt and survive whatever form of drastically disruptive earth change that may occur and any adverse effect it may have on the earth’s regulatory system to support life. Also by improving NATURE ~ IQ , this process will ultimately help to free HUMANS from the problematic constraints imposed by a dynamically complex and changing planet earth. The HUMAN-KIND will innovatively (novel ideas) with the help of technology be able to develop its own variations of a regulatory system to support life and will eventually extend that capability beyond the planet’s captivity and control. Over time, HUMANS through a process of intelligent progression will acquire the capability to explore, discover and live successfully throughout the vastness (microcosm and macrocosm) of NATURE’S TOTALITY or WHOLE SYSTEM.

Keith foresees the proactive energy of SPIRITUAL WARRIOR ACTIVISM being able to produce benefits far beyond just for the HUMAN-KIND. The positive effect of HUMAN societal change would systemically be transitioning and transforming for ALL the living and non-living aspects that bring forth and sustain NATURE’S TOTALITY. Keith perceives the HUMAN-KIND as a spiritual collective transitioning past just a humanitarian focus and concern for its KIND. This spiritual process would transform the HUMAN-KIND multi-dimensionally in perception and perspective toward encompassing a more systemic and holistic NATURE-ITARIAN focus and concern for ALL of NATURE’S KINDs.

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