toward the Future

toward The Future as the (I) in me views it.

The (I) in me – now seemingly, more fully sees through the lens of my MYSTIC PHILOSOPHY (MP), beyond the present in NATURE, and more toward THE FUTURE. Toward what THE FUTURE could or could not be for the HUMAN CONSCIOUS BEING (HCB) and what way of life the (HCB) could possibly LIVE in the time ahead.

The (I) in me has pondered often – what could existentially threaten or have the greatest impact on the way of life for the (HCB) appears use to in THE FUTURE. The most consequential type of existential threat confronting the (HCB) – other than Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) – seems to me, being from the potential adverse effects of perceivedly unpreventable drastically disruptive earth change (PUDDEC). How this existentially destabilizing and debilitating factor could essentially alter or end not only the (HCB) way of life, but also planet earth’s regulatory system to support LIFE. The (I) in me also wonders what the accumulative effect of (PUDDEC) could have in a destructive manner on the overall PSYCHE of the (HCB) or other forms or types of CONSCIOUS BEINGNESS experiencing the reduction of perceived planetary liberties or freedoms.

As my NATURE ~ IQ (NIQ) based WHOLE SYSTEM VIEW (WSV) of NATURE has intelligent progressively evolved my (MP), one characteristic has become more apparent from the history of the (HCB). If the (HCB) has enough time to act, it has this INHERENT SURVIVAL DRIVEN (ISD) ability to COOPERATIVELY and TRANSITIONALLY adapt to changing or threatening events that occur on planet earth. A (NIQ) based (WSV) OF NATURE, its INTELLIGENTLY PROGRESSIVE, transitioning and transforming process could not only help the (HCB) proactively prepare for and then survive essential threats, it could ultimately help to set free the (HCB).

The (HCB) could be freed from a EARTH-ITARIAN (earth centric/earth mother/earth as the only HOME) type dependency for SURVIVAL. It could FREE the (HCB) from the problematic constraints imposed by a dynamically complex and changing earth. The (HCB) through innovative and novel ideas with the assistance of well regulated technology – NOT Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) – could PROACTIVELY, COOPERATIVELY and ADAPTIVELY develop their own variations of a regulatory system to support the (HCB) way of LIFE. Not only for on earth as it becomes less habitable from (UDDEC), but also the (HCB) could eventually extend this capability beyond the planet’s captivity and control. The (HCB) could then acquire the life support capability to explore, discover and live successfully throughout the vastness of NATURE in TOTALITY as a WHOLE SYSTEM (microcosm/macrocosm, universe/multiverse, cosmos, etc.).


“My MYSTIC PHILOSOPHY (MP) and SURVIVAL DRIVEN PURPOSE (SDP) in life, seems subject to modification and at times complete change; apparently so – as the (I) in me experiences more fully my INDIVIDUALIZED (I) type of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS through the limitations imposed by a GENETICALLY ORDAINED – BODILY STRICTURE, INHERENT ANCESTRAL DISPOSITIONS, various social conditional environments, and CHOICES the (I) in me made along the way; seemingly more so – as time MOVES beyond the present in NATURE toward the future.”

Mystically Philosophical Sayings by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

~Peace Out~ coming Next: the Future and beyond …..