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A spiritual pilgrimage of Images with Words artistically expressed from the lived experience of the PRO-HUMAN, Social Activist and Mystic Performance Artist ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ – about World Peace, Healing and the decolorization of ALL THE HUMAN RACE. We the people of earth as ONE RACE regardless of skin color, sex, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, or belief – all together, collectively THE HUMAN-KIND. PEACE OUT !


In this book I’ve taken Smartphone camera images of myself, digitally altered to look like sketches, and used them to form an artistic collaboration with words. I season my words with a pinch of prose that at times materialize into expressions I call Artistic Sayings. The main spice I use in this creative mixture is a poetic essay style with an emergent spiritually philosophical flavor. This style will take on a more hybrid form called a Story Poem later on in this book. Hopefully, through this collaborative brew, you as the observer and reader will more fully experience my opinions on the topics of world healing, peace, and THE HUMAN RACE.

Quite simply, I’m a mystic and artist who, through experience with other humans, has developed opinions about world healing, peace, and THE HUMAN RACE. A more systemically oriented, multi-dimensional perspective embedded with empathy, has helped me look beyond the roadblock of human opinions in the form of mob mentality blinded by predisposition and inhibition. The ability to stand in another fellow human’s shoes to experience their perspective and opinions without becoming overly sympathetic has molded my opinions about THE HUMAN RACE to be more pro-human in nature. Along the way, I’ve also been able to shed like skin from the snake of the blame game, figure pointing and quilt associated with being human.

Please note: I often use the tilde ~ and ….., instead of more common forms of punctuation. Beware ! I do use the “F” word … a byproduct of my generation.

I use the words peace out beyond the normal accepted meaning in society herein instead of saying “end poem” when a poet finishes reading a selected piece.

Peace and love ….

~Keith Alan Hamilton~