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This book is dedicated to my son Jason, who is not only my muse, but my hero and teacher for his courageous day to day struggle with the aftereffect caused from Hydrocephalus.  He is the inspiration behind my book series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die  !

I present within this book’s covers a taste of the various flavors that emerge from my artistic style of word imagery.  Poetry, prose and sayings, I’ve created over the years energized with the full spectrum of thought and emotion.  These artistic style of words manifest into poetic forms that have become stories, essays, philosophy, social/political rants, bitches and more.  In essence, all of the following words are filled with the spirituality of my mystic lived experience.

I often use the tilde   ~   and  ……    instead of more common forms of punctuation. Beware !  I do use the “F” word ….    a byproduct of my generation.

Whatever !!!!!!

peace out (used as the replacement for saying “end poem” after a poet finishes reading a selected piece…. )   I’ve decided to start this collection of words with those that are simple, light and less complex than those that will follow thereafter. Peace and love …..

~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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