for the sake of those like me ~ born free

I was born free   ~
the same year ….
as the ’57 Chevy
how cool
as my generation
would say
my last name
a great American surname
like a founding father
who may have been shot
because of being
a bit prideful
but was able to grasp
the full ideal of freedom
as a young man
never to be a believer
in slavery
nor owned
human being
my Scot Irish grandfather
and father
taught me
the meaning
on me
as they knew it
my dad served
in the Korean war
and like his father
my brother was in the Navy
I graduated from high school
during the time
after Vietnam
where there was no draft
I didn’t even have to register
even though
I grew up a middle of the ‘70’s
child …..  carefree
and hopeful
all the ills of the world
would be solved
by the time I was old   ~
~   only
I was raised
in the land of the free
was I lucky enough
to be so gullible
and for that
kind of freedom
I am truly appreciative
of all those
who have lost
their lives ……   defending
my right to be free

in remembrance of them
and what they’ve done
men and women
I fly Old Glory
on Memorial Day
as is the tradition
of my country
to honor true heroes
and the sacrifice they made
for the sake of those
like me  ~  born free

Image & Words  by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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