innocent and simple

pure …   innocent and simple
like what the daisy symbolizes
I am not ….   but I am
in the purest sense
simply complex   ~   although
I am far from innocent
my life ….  the living of it
has become
extremely complicated
over   ~   time
if you think you can fix it
me and my life
you’ll find such a task
not easy and more than likely
doomed to fail   ~   your mission
will suffer a crash landing
only to reveal
the pieces are to many
to put back together
however   ~   like the daisy
you can appreciate my being
for what it is …   shaped
through struggle ….  sort of like
a precious gem or a fine wine
aged to perfection
well at least as is …
humanly possible
then you’ll find me
worthy of your love
and attention

well  ~   your choice

Image & Words  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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