fuck off FSHD-1

life of late… has beaten and bloodied
my body ~ my spirit
as if I was being prepped
for offer to the gods
on the alter
of sacrifice ~
a fated victim….. for some
ancient Aztec ritual

life ain’t been easy
I’m so…. tired ~ not of life
my want to live
but the fuckin’ bullshit
the day to day crap….. tryin’ hard
to pull me down
drag me through ~
the cesspool
of melancholy
that sewer filled
with the waste of pitiful souls
given over to hopelessness


I will rise up….. again and again
my body ~ my spirit
despite being beaten and bloodied
I shall overcome the struggle
spit in the face of sickness and death
trial and tribulation ~ doin’ so
and jubilantly….
to live on and on

~peace out~

fuck off FSHD-1

Image & Words ~Keith Alan Hamilton~