truck on

I NOW walk 3 minutes
and my oxygen level
dips below
holy fuck
the danger zone  …..
at 85%
you start along
the journey of brain damage
oh my   ~
how my mind wanders
to days gone by
when I was able to walk
18 miles
like nothing
for AFSP
and my team S.O.L.E.S.
“Surviving Our Losses
Experienced through Suicide”
yes  ~  at times
I’ve suffered with depression
and thought about
the big “S”
as this Peace Out
Social Activist
who can’t do the things
he used to  …….
on this day in June
the 4th
2022 in NYC
to all of those doing
the AFSP 18 mile walk
truck on my sisters
and brothers
I appreciate and love you ALL
dearly  ~  THANK YOU

just saying  ……
peace out

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~