I see you as…..

being with you that day
my muse
in Deep Creek
while standing
in the parking lot
of the United Methodist Church
to snap a picture
capture this reminiscent
type image
of the old Intermediate School
across the street
where your mother
when young
was for me
a spectacular moment
a true honor
an unforgettable experience
I will always hold close
within my heart
as dear…..

for me
even though
I may seem
silly at times
such a simple act
through the lens
of my Smartphone camera
brought tribute
to a woman
who was
an essential part
this invaluable exemplar
this teacher
so to speak  ~  who helped shape
the very essence
the core character
that would
lay the foundation
inspire the spirit
of who I am today
way  ~  way back when
you and I
my muse
went to school
in another small place
similar to Deep Creek
called Freeland……

yes  ~  my muse
the same
your mother
after not seeing her
for 38 years
cared to remember
when greeting me  ~
I used to have
long flowing
auburn colored
and had not forgotten
my mother was
a beautiful woman…..

it is the magnificent her
that sparkles within you
blended with the lessons
you’ve been taught
while fervently participating
in the school of life  ~
is why in older years
I see you as
this spectacular being
who has
now become
my muse…….

Image & Words by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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